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Comment Re:Disturbing, but practical (Score 1) 414

Having a ISIS flag hung up in room, when ISIS has declared war on France you are saboteur and spy.

You have repeated this over and over. Well, guess what? Repetition makes it neither logical, nor true...

It does lend credence to the notion that you're a rambling, repetitive, retarded, fuckwad, though. So, uh, keep up the good work, dumbass.

Comment Re:Perfection in an imperfect world (Score 1) 162

I also use light roast beans that I grind fresh.

Light roast, mmmm. I used to use a light brown, dryish, not oily at all, Colombian bean that was supplied by my local market (this was in Montreal, no longer local, unfortunately), in a wholesale fashion (5 kilo bags I think).

My question is: Was yours Colombian and a light french roast, and if so, (or similar) do you have a link whereby it can be gotten in bulk?

Comment Re:Drip Coffee? (Score 1) 162

What's next? Socks? Forks and spoons? Bath soap? Dish soap?

A buddy of mine--a master's degree holder in organic chemistry from McGill--states that the difference between hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent, is a few molecules at most.

As for the people wondering "haven't they sorted this all out yet?" Yes, they have, the ideal size of the grind (discounting factors like roasting time, roasting heat, origin of the bean, etc) has been sorted out. I found out (in about 5 minutes, yay web) that my french press will put out the best it can with grains that are whittled down to about 400 microns in diameter, using water that is a few degrees beneath 100 degrees (C.), and stirred, rowboat-style, after one minute, before steeping in the covered press for an additional 4 minutes... The only problem being, after an exhaustive hunt it appears that none of the steel or ceramic grinder/mortars actually produce a 400 micron-wide grind. C'est la vie.

Meanwhile the University of California at Davis (renowned in ag) is building a School of Coffee as we read/type.

Comment Re: Nothing of significance (Score 1) 232

If you are still hanging on to, say, a 5S, why would you upgrade to a 7?

Uh... you wouldn't. I realize that's your point, but as a jailbroken 5S owner, dabbling in slightly higher end video, you'd upgrade to an SE, like me.

My external video gadgets slide right over from the 5S to the SE. I get 6S equivalents, almost top-to-bottom, it's the right size as far as I'm concerned, and it's at least a couple hundred bucks cheaper than a 7 (which I don't want anyway, due to size, cost, and the fact that the dual-camera setup screws up my video attachments).

I'll use the jailbroken 5S for as long as possible and the SE for a cam... until an iOS10 jailbreak comes out. Win-win for me. Anybody who's used Apple gear as long as I have (since 79/80, knows that the iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone distinctly different/better than the 6. Apple is a creature of habit, just like most "people."

Comment Re:Soft keys with changable keycaps? (Score 1) 524

I won't ever, ever be buying a computer that lacks the function keys. Ever...

Amen, oops, I mean... same here. I wish we could un-map all the "labeled" functions (dim, brighter, volume up/down, whatever), so I could just use the F-keys the way I try to: as shortcuts that are app-specific.

With the Sierra latest update my early-2016 MacBook Pro now "repeats/duplicates" F-keys 1-3 (or maybe 4?) onto F13-19. I had to go back and do some triage in my main text editor and Virtual Box, in order to artificially limit my extended keyboard to 12 function keys. Totally insane!

Comment Re:Something you have, something you know (Score 1) 432

...Don't get me wrong, I love me some good old 'mom and apple pie', but the US makes me very sad these days....

You're lucky you had a place to go back to. Most US citizens, like myself, unless they're rich, unlike myself, are stuck here. Other countries favor rich immigrants, unless you're a sanctioned refugee from some western power-created hellhole, somewhere.

I lived in Canada for nearly 30 years, and never bothered to upgrade my permanent residency to full citizenship, went back to the States for a supposedly "brief" business adventure, and the Trade Center thing went down, our business tanked almost instantly (for no "connected" reason whatsoever), and the next thing I knew I'd overstayed outside Canada, and now I'm still here...

We're selling our house in California, and sliding into either Vermont or Washington... It's a nasty compromise, at worst, and possible launchpad for a little late-life razzle-dazzle border jumping, at best... we'll see...

Comment Re:Good luck to him (Score 1) 195

I wonder, though how likely it is that any regular person would be able to get anyone else to pay their bills.

It is not difficult to find non-celebrities out there in the real world who have overwhelming medical/recovery needs. It does require minimal effort, of course, which stops a huge number of potential donors, but the key word there is *minimal*. I'm on Social Security, myself, and have been contributing to several individuals' funds, for the last couple of years, to allow them to recover from severe medical emergencies.

Sure, I have to think twice about some superfluous outlays (for instance, I'm still happily using an iPhone 5S, with an eye on an SE...), but again, the effort is minimal. I'm in a fortunate position, to be sure, and not all of us can make these types of choices. That's understandable; but to think that only the rich and famous have access to community aid, is an inaccurate oversimplification of the actual situation.

Comment Re:I have a feeling... (Score 1) 495

...that this won't pretty Apple's implementation of Bluetooth (especially in terms of simple connectivity, and dependability) is a world of hurt... Whether it's to my phone, or, more often, my in-ear monitors... their bluetooth radio tech simply blows. I cannot even begin to imagine how many times I've suffered dropped signals and static. Atrocious...

fucking christ, can we get a 5-minute "window" for self-edits???? my post was: I have a feeling... [break] this won't [insert: end] pretty [Insert: period] Apple... blah blah blah...

p.s. and yes, I used "preview" this time...

Comment I have a feeling... (Score 1) 495

...that this won't pretty Apple's implementation of Bluetooth (especially in terms of simple connectivity, and dependability) is a world of hurt... Whether it's to my phone, or, more often, my in-ear monitors... their bluetooth radio tech simply blows. I cannot even begin to imagine how many times I've suffered dropped signals and static. Atrocious...

Comment Re:Nothing New ... (Score 1) 182

Added latency

I'm getting consistent 85-95% speeds on my VPNs. I can live with 85 MBs down, 1.5MB up, if I really have to. And latency? You're thinking satellite, no? My pings are quick. My phone is running VPN and convos have zero echo/delay... so latency? What latency? One has to shop around; I didn't get lucky, I subscribed to a boatload of providers and A/B'd it.

Comment Re:darwinian pressure (Score 3, Interesting) 361

Link to study that shows nicotine causes cancer? Not tobacco, not cigarettes, nicotine.

We'll be waiting a long time for that one...

I started smoking at age 10; at age 62 I tried an e-cig "just for the hell of it," fully expecting it to be unsatisfying, or "just as nasty, or whatever... I inadvertently quit "smoking" on the spot... two years later, still happily cigarette free. My wheezing when climbing stairs went away almost immediately (I noticed this 12 hours later). No more huffing and puffing. No scent of "tobacco" and associated tars, etc, on my clothes, in the car, in the house. Friends who were "allergic" to smoke invite me to vape at will in their homes and cars.

I had one nasty "accident." I had a pocket full of quarters (extremely rare for me, as I hate "change") that I was going to dump in the console of the car, for parking meters, and put a battery (not an e-cig, just the battery) in the same pocket. My pants caught fire while I was taking a leak. Stupid? Yeah, definitely. Related to vaping? Not in the least. The quarters provided a closed circuit for the battery. Really dumb. But...vaping? One of the brightest "choices" I ever made.

Almost all of the anti-vape, "we need regulation", etc., "ads" and "PSAs" out there, are funded by big tobacco, in an effort to "regulate" all the mom 'n' pop vape retailers, juice mixers, and gadget head makers into oblivion, so that Big Tobacco can take over the industry. I try to avoid the Chinese marketplace, as a safety precaution. I recommend others do the same.

And I'm saving a shitload of cash, vaping organic naturally-extracted flavoring of tobacco, with USP-grade nicotine. Even with high-end vaping gear, a total economic winner. People in the US are exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals, on a daily basis, that have never even been screened for carcinogenic properties. I'll take my chances with nicotine & caffeine... everybody else can sit in their "smoke-free" bars and parks/stadiums (etc) and tut-tut themselves into early sugar- and booze-enabled graves. RIP suckers...

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