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Comment Re:Oh well (Score 1) 488

Similarly, blogs seem to have a bad reputation here on Slashdot, but actually I'd say that they, along with commenters, tend to do a far better job of "reporting on something in the news, and giving further information" than the news "journalists" do.

Maybe it's my selective memory, but most of the anti-blog comments I recall seeing on Slashdot are along the lines of "Why is TFA a blog post which merely copy-pastes a news article? Why not skip the middle-man?" Some blogs have original content: others put as much effort in as the "journalists" who regurgitate press releases.

Comment Re:The Trinity (Score 1) 362

That is one of the reasons why I really enjoyed Planescape Torment (contemporary of baluder's Gate using the same engine). You can play through the entire game with only I think three fights if you really want to.

I also always enjoyed MMO's like Ultima Online because there were so many non-combat things to do that were fun. I knew several people that hardly ever did any combat game play and played for quite a while. That game is also a good example of a balanced game that doesn't use the tank/healer/dds concept.

Comment Re:LIKE WE DID ANY BETTER. (Score 2, Interesting) 391

Also, Clinton did produce a balanced budget. It took some years of doing to get there, but he did. It was, of course, immediately trashed by the Bush Administration.

Umm, no. National Debt increased every year of Clinton's terms. Yes, I'm aware that popular mythology has the last year (or two) of Clinton's Presidency "balanced", but whatever the budget says about "deficit", if "debt" increases, the budget wasn't really balanced.

Remember those first five years of the Bush II Presidency, when the Republicans controlled Congress, too...That's were about half the deficit came from.

I did indeed forget that the Republicans didn't lose the Senate till 2006. My bad.

That said, the Debt run up in those six years was more like 1/3 of the debt, not half. Though it was (slightly) more than the debt Obama will be running up in his first two years....

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