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Submission + - San Francisco transit system falls prey to ransomeware (

Locke2005 writes: Someone managed to infect the SF Muni ticket machines with ransomware. Gee, I wonder if they still think basing the system on Windows (WIndows Server 2000, I believe) was a good choice? Any suggestions as to what they could have done that would have provided a usable touch screen interface while being less susceptible to hackers? Or was their mistake not upgrading to a newer OS?

Submission + - The "impossible" EM drive: real or not? ( 1

Locke2005 writes: National Geographic has an article on the "impossible" drive. Either this is another Pons and Fleischmann cold fusion, or it actually works. If it actually works, can somebody explain to me HOW it actually works? Wouldn't the best way to test it be to actually send up a miniature spacecraft with solar cells and instrumentation?

Submission + - Is there a fifth force of nature? (

Locke2005 writes: I've always speculated that there might be forces of nature that we never observed because they were on a much larger or smaller scale than we could detect easily. But now Jonathan Feng, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Irvine, is suggesting there may actually be a fifth force. Of course, this might vanish just like the Higgs Boson evidence did. Can anybody explain better what it was they detected, and why it is being interpreted as evidence of a previously unknown force?

Submission + - Smart Toys now Pedobear approved! (

Locke2005 writes: Turns out Fisher Price "Smart Toys" aren't really very secure, and could easily release details over the internet about the child they were given to... who could have predicted that?

Submission + - Judge tires of mass P2P filing (

Locke2005 writes: Judge Milton Shadur threw out Copyright Lawyer John Steele's 300 count copyright infringement case filed in Illinois based on the simple observation that the lawyer should have known from the IP addresses that the majority of IP addresses accused of infringing were not in fact in Illinois...

Submission + - HP and Oracle now officially in a pissing contest (

Locke2005 writes: Now that Larry has hired his pal Mark (recently fired by HP), HP is suing Oracle on the grounds that Mark can't possibly do his job at Oracle without revealing HP trade secrets! Sorry, HP... maybe you should have given Mark a lobotomy before you fired him. I smell a countersuit for restrain of trade, defamation, and interfering in business practices in 3, 2, 1...

Submission + - EFF Assails YouTube for Removing 'Hitler Finds Out (

Locke2005 writes: In what promises to be one of the quickest threads to become Godwinned, YouTube has pulled scores of parodies of the "Hitler Finds Out" scene from the movie Downfall. Ironically, I had never heard of this movie before this — and now I want to watch it.

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