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Man Builds Chair That Tweets His Farts Screenshot-sm 3

Randy Sarafan is committed to share his everyday life, so much so that he has built a chair that tweets his farts. Randy decided to make the office chair to help "accurately document and share [his] life as it happens." A natural gas sensor, an Arduino, and a Squidbee wireless module combine to make this monument to excessive free time.

Atlantis Seekers Given Thrill by Google Ocean 321

RcK writes "Numerous articles are springing up regarding a feature found using the new Google Ocean, which some claim could be the location of Atlantis. While this is obviously early, and probably has the same credibility levels as previous claims of finding the mythical city, the detected anomaly is quite convincingly linear, is apparently the size of Wales and sits near where Plato hypothesized the city to be located." Google has stated that this is an issue with the way their ocean mapping software is working, but clearly that is a cover up while Google execs try to buy the real estate. I just hope they bring back Elvis next.

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