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Comment Unmentioned drawback of bluetooth headphones (Score 1) 385

I was sitting in Arby's listening to music on my headphones, it got quieter, so I turned it way up... because I didn't realize the battery in the bluetooth headphones had gone dead, and I was now listening to the music through the phone speaker! So basically, I annoyed everyone around me for several minutes until I figured otu my headphones weren't working.

Comment Re:Lets see how long iPhone will manage to go... (Score 1) 161

Agreed. Apple _used_ to innovate. Now they are falling behind Samsung in so many ways. Where is the wireless charging, water resistance, memory card slot, etc. in the new iPhone 7? Oh yeah, they are "innovating" by dropping the audio connector... gosh, I wonder how many users requested that "feature"?


Case in point: there used to be a textile (clothing) industry in Africa, but there isn't anymore, because it's cheaper to ship bails of used clothing collected in the US to Africa than it is to manufacture clothing there. Ever notice in pictures the African natives are always wearing t-shirts that refer to obscure American locations?

Comment Re:Metal roofs? (Score 1) 120

My wife called the standard roof in Sierra Leone a "zinc" roof, but I believe it's just corrugated aluminum, not steel. Walls are usually concrete; apparently they don't insulate. I'm not sure what the poor people's huts use for roofs.

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