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Comment Just "wolves"? (Score 1) 95

My personal theory is that domestic dogs evolved from coy wolves, a cross between coyotes and wolves that are quite smart, adaptable, opportunistic... and have little fear of humans. Modern coy wolves appear to be attempting to interbreed with domestic canines. Like Captain Kirk, the obviously have no qualms against dating outside their own species.

Comment Sort of (Score 2) 92

I miss my Google G1 phone which had a flip out mechanical keyboard, because I think I can type faster and more accurately on a mechanical keyboard than a touchscreen. So, while I'm not interested in a Blackberry, I am interested in phones with real keyboards and phones that can't be butt-dialed. e.g. the old flip phones.

Comment Just IE (Score 1) 92

Doesn't Chrome have the same problem? I've had to go into Task Manager and kill Chrome after getting the "You have a virus! Pay us money!" popup. (Have they fixed that in Chrome already?) My ex was stupid enough to actually call the phone number they put up on the screen, after which some Indian guy asked her for money.

Comment Re:Misleading as usual? (Score 1) 53

Probably most of the 802.11ax protocol is done in firmware, not in the chip silicon. By saying it's a 802.11ax chip, they're just saying it meets the frequency demands of the current version of the spec, and they'll ship new firmware when the spec is finalized. Has that been a problem for any of the 802.11 pre-finalization chips yet?

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