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Comment Re:People probably realized.. (Score 2) 321

Yeah, those "watch pockets" they've been putting in trousers for like 100 years? Clothing manufacturers have started calling them "phone pockets" now. Weird how things go in circles. "Imagine, a timepiece attached to your wrist, so you don't have to pull it out of your pocket to glance at it!" Watch sales are way down too, which makes digital watches a lot more expensive, as they have to amortize the fixed costs over far fewer units.

Comment Re:It's the stadium stupid (Score 1) 233

1) There were 5000 people total there. Obviously not all of them were trying to use Wifi, close enough to the hotspots, or even knew they existed. But I'd still estimate a few hundred trying to connect at the same time to the one on the main stage, so obviously oversaturated. 2) The stadiums would obviously have a separate network and AP for the coaches for security reasons, but there are only a finite number of WiFi channels, so you still get interference from other access points, and likely from people using phones are portable hotspots. Summary: they'd be better off hooking up a cable to each tablet.

Comment Re:I am amused by this. (Score 5, Insightful) 233

The "threatening to move" really pisses me off, because they only do that to convince the public to pay for a more lavish stadium that they should be paying for themselves, How does it make sense to anyone to pay $500 million for a stadium in order to subsidize a billionaire's football team? (Seahawks, I'm looking at you. Even worse because they used taxes from all of Washington state, so people in Eastern Washington who could care less about the Seahawks are still paying for their stadium.) This payment of welfare to billionaires has got to stop!

Comment Re:It's the stadium stupid (Score 2) 233

We had a similar problem at a bluegrass festival with just 5000 people, 4 different free WiFi access points, all unusable because connections timed out due to being so overloaded. Of course, cellular reception was virtually non-existent, so everybody there was trying to call over WiFi too. I'd say if you're trying to do anything over WiFi in a football stadium, you're gonna have a bad time!

Comment Is it all the tablet's fault? (Score 1) 233

Based on my experience with WiFi, which is nowhere near a mature standard, I'd really expect to have problems with WiFi communication in a stadium with 50,000 people in it, regardless of what type of hardware is used. However, the problems they are describing don't sound like WiFi problems. I would expect communications with a server to be slow and perhaps stall for several seconds while the connection is reestablished. The software should be smart enough to recover without rebooting. Perhaps doing everything locally instead of over the network would help.

Comment About time (Score 1) 90

Finally, one of the prime problems with the secret orders authorized under the Patriot Act is beginning to come out: "We'd like to reassure our rapidly shrinking customer base that we no longer do this, but under the law, we are subject to arrest for saying ANYTHING about it!" Clumsy attempt to avoid legal sanctions by asking the FBI to come clean about it so they don't have to won't work because the FBI has no incentive to say anything.

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