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United Kingdom

Submission + - NewsCorp/NDS spy network at Cambridge University (

Presto Vivace writes: "One of the lesser known features of the ring of agents that former Scotland Yard Commander Ray Adams ran for NewsCorp/NDS was that he had an informant placed at Cambridge University to spy on its cryptology work.

The payroll for all these informants and the rest of NDS Operational Security in Britain came to more than £1 million for a six-month period. And that was only one part of the worldwide NDS OpSec operation. Agents or informants appeared on the NDS budget under “Consultancy”. Contacts was a highly elastic term. The largest expense was ADSR, Oliver Koemmerling’s company.


Submission + - Google Blocks TwitPic Over Alleged Malware, Chrome Blocks Twitter Pages

An anonymous reader writes: Google's malware checker on Sunday has for some reason detected as a threat. As a result, if you try to access the site from using any browser, you'll get a malware warning. Furthermore, if you use Google Chrome, pages as well as Twitter pages that rely on the service will result in a blocking prompt as well. To try this for yourself, head to, search for TwitPic, and click on any link on If you're using Google Chrome, just try to go to or visit a Twitter page that relies on the service (many use TwitPic images in profile pages), such as Direct inks to TwitPic images, however, appear to work fine, and embedded TwitPic images load on Twitter as well.

Submission + - Was this the email that took down RSA? (

splitenz writes: "I forward this file to you for review. Please open and view it."

As a ploy to get a hapless EMC recruiter to open up a booby trapped Excel spreadsheet, it may not be the most sophisticated piece of work. But researchers at F-Secure believe that it was enough to break into one of the most respected computer security companies on the planet, and a first step in a complex attack that ultimately threatened the security of major US defense contractors including Lockheed Martin, L-3, and Northrop Grumman.

Submission + - Ownership on Free Software (

alainbastien writes: Hi, Is there a Lawyer and an Attorney ready to work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis to claim damage, prejudice, infringement and violation against these Mauritian ?


Alain BAstien

Submission + - RealNetworks crushes Dutch webmaster for hyperlink (

An anonymous reader writes: In the ever lasting contest for the most idiotic lawsuit, RealNetworks has sued a Dutch man for posting a link to a competing freeware program, that allegedly infringes on RealNetworks' intellectual property. The company also secretly obtained a court order that resulted in confiscation of all computers belonging to the man and his family. The 26-year-old has already incurred over €66,000 in legal fees and if he looses the case, he's facing €210,000 in fines.

Where are the Anonymous, when you need them?


Recording the Police 515

Bruce Schneier says "I've written a lot on the 'War on Photography,' where normal people are harassed as potential terrorists for taking pictures of things in public. This article is different; it's about recording the police: Allison's predicament is an extreme example of a growing and disturbing trend. As citizens increase their scrutiny of law enforcement officials through technologies such as cell phones..."

Submission + - Contiki v2.4 New Release for C64/128 & Apple I ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Contiki v2.4 for the commodore 64/128 and Apple II is now available for download "Courtesy of Oliver Schmidt".
Contiki is using the latest v2.4 source code and now supports DHCP Smile

C64 Disk-1 contains The Web-Server, Web-Browser, WGET Apps including
eth and mouse drivers, contiki configuration file and dhcp.
C64 Disk-2 contains The IRC, Email and BreadBox64 Apps including
eth and MOUSE drivers, contiki configuration file and dhcp.
C128 Disk-1 contains the same files on a .d71 disk image.

BreadBox64 is a twitter client now using the latest 2.4v source of contiki.

Download link is is using the above Contiki Web-Server. runs from a real unmodified 1982 built Commodore 64, Please click once and be patient
this old 8bit server may be busy with many other request's. :)

Shane ""


Submission + - Children caught kissing face jail (

SL Baur writes: "It wasn't very long ago in history that ages 14 and younger were considered adults enough to marry instead of "children".

GERMANY is poised to bring in a draconian law tomorrow that will effectively outlaw kissing and cuddling between children under 17 in public places.

While experts acknowledge that the bill has good intentions, they fear it will deprive teens of a sexual rite of passage, through flirting and experimentation.
Full story is here:"

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Can email content be copyrighted?

careysb writes: I've just gotten so used to every email that I send from my place of employment being modified to add "for business used only" and "proprietary" notices to the end that I barely noticed that my ISP had started to append their own advertising to the end of my personal emails. Can I consider my email content to be copyrighted and that their use of my material for advertising purposed is in violation of my copyright? (IANAL's need reply)
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Harmonix: Activision Is Preventing Rock Band Patch ( 1

XueCast writes: "Many gamers have asked for guitar controller compatibility between Guitar Hero and Rock Band, because of that, Harmonix had developed a patch that can make that happen. The compatibility patch has allegedly been approved by Sony Computer Entertainment, and is ready to be released. But Activision, the publisher of the Guitar Hero series is not very happy with the patch at all, and the patch's release is currently being blocked by the Santa Monica based video game publisher company."

Submission + - False DMCA Claims by Creationists Stifle Critics

Bueller_007 writes: Creation Science Evangelism, an creationist organization owned by convicted felon Kent Hovind has been filing false DMCA claims to stifle their rivals on YouTube. Although CSE's videos are not copyrighted (according to their official website and the videos themselves), within the past 72 hours, they have had approximately 20 videos removed at their request, and at least two popular users have had their accounts disabled.

All of the videos that have been removed were critical remixes of Hovind's original videos, interspersed with rebuttals and likely to have fallen under fair use. Exact duplicates of Hovind's videos — seen as supportive — were not removed. Further, CSE has also filed false DMCA claims to have others' completely original content removed, as well as public-domain phone calls Hovind made from prison.

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