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Could a Category 5 Hurricane Take Down East Coast Data Centers? 214

TheNextCorner writes "With more data moving into the cloud, there is an increasing danger of data loss when one of these cloud computing data centers fails. Hurricanes pose a real threat to infrastructure located in Virginia and North Carolina, where Google, Apple & Facebook have opened large data centers. 'Where would the most damaging hit be? It's debatable, but the most detrimental hit may be in Virginia. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has one of their major centers in Northern Virginia. ... In a study involving millions of people, a third of those surveyed reported visiting a website every day that used Amazon's infrastructure. In 2011, Amazon's S3 cloud stored 762 billion objects. It's possible that Amazon's cloud alone holds an entire 1% of the Internet.' Could a category 5 Hurricane become a problem for these cloud data centers and take down parts the Internet?"

Submission + - ebook reader/tablet for non-US use

kaka.mala.vachva writes: I'm looking for an ebook reader/tablet, and after searching online a bit, turning to Slashdot for help.

Some background:
I'm from India, and for some reason, we don't have too many good ebook readers available here. I can get a Galaxy Tab/Xoom here, but Kindle type devices are rarer (and from unknown brands). I would prefer Kindle type stuff, but am also open to a tablet, if thats a better option.
Now, I'll be traveling to the US next month, so thinking of buying something there. The question is, what can I buy that:
1. Supports drm-free epub (e.g. books)
2. Renders pdfs well (I read a lot of tech books/manuals)
3. Doesn't require an Amazon/Barnes & Noble account (since I can't really run it from here — too expensive!)?

Suggestions please, and thanks!

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