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Comment Re:I can see the pattern now (Score 1) 416

Whatever the drug companies think is bad for their business, must be good for the consumers.

Yes, and there is far more profit in anticancer drugs than pain pills. Which is why they hate vaping even more than medical marijuana and use bigger lies and the junker 'junk studies' to back the lies. Follow the money to find the lies. Fortunately for medical marijuana proponents big pharma has fewer allies as most politicians think that marijuana will increase tax revenue but they know that people switching from smoking tobacco to vaping will decrease it.

Comment Re:Sounds like anti-vaxxers (Score 1) 470

Pro-vaccine but anti-GMO here, don't lump people into one group. Some of us are concerned about ecological implications of GMO as well as predatory and questionable business practices of companies like Monsanto. GMO isn't JUST about the food, there's a bigger picture to take into account.

Um, you might want to research what they used to replace the mercury with when they went from 8 shots in the 80s to 49 today. I want to return vaccines to what I had in the 60s. Seemed to be quite adequate for millions of us. Nice comprise between none and way the heck too many in my book.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 361

Actually there is only one known death so far and it was due to choking. Toddler and the autopsy report is sealed so it not known if it was choking due to vomiting up the E-liquid (which is typical with many child 'poisonings') or he choked on the cap which was never found.

Also unknown if the cap was child proof to begin with. Many E-liquids have used these for years even though they will not be required by law until next month when the FDA deeming regulations start taking effect.

Submission + - Why Don't Scientists Kill the 'Demon in the Freezer'? 2

HughPickens.com writes: Smallpox was one of the most devastating diseases humanity has ever faced, killing more than 300 million people in the 20th century alone. But thanks to the most successful global vaccination campaign in history, the disease was completely eradicated by 1980. By surrounding the last places on earth where smallpox was still occurring — small villages in Asia and Africa — and inoculating everyone in a wide circle around them, D. A. Henderson and the World Health Organization were able to starve the virus of hosts. Smallpox is highly contagious, but it is not spread by insects or animals. When it is gone from the human population, it is gone for good. But Errol Moris writes in the NYT that Henderson didn't really eliminate smallpox. In a handful of laboratories around the world, there are still stocks of smallpox, tucked away in one freezer or another. In 2014 the CDC announced that vials containing the deadly virus had been discovered in a cardboard box in a refrigerator located on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus in Bethesda, Maryland. How can you say it’s eliminated when it’s still out there, somewhere? The demon in the freezer.

Some scientists say that these residual stocks of smallpox should not be destroyed because some ruthless super-criminal or rogue government might be working on a new smallpox, even more virulent than existing strains of the virus. We may need existing stocks to produce new vaccines to counteract the new viruses. Meanwhile, opponents of retention argue that there’s neither need nor practical reason for keeping the virus around. In a letter to Science magazine published in 1994, the Nobel laureate David Baltimore wrote, “I doubt that we so desperately need to study smallpox that it would be worth the risk inherent in the experimentation.” It all comes down to the question of how best to protect ourselves against ourselves. Is the greater threat to humanity our propensity for error and stupidity, or for dastardly ingenuity?

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 1) 342

Um there are many reasons all of which boil down to money. The deeming is designed so that no one except large tobacco companies can afford the estimated 1500 hours and one million dollars (per SKU) to get there products approved. The large open tank systems and multitude of flavors will all go away. Only the sealed 'cig alikes' will remain. Which are far less effective at helping people quit smoking combustible cigarettes than the larger second and third generation devices. Second is lost revenue from both direct taxes and the Master Settlement Agreement. Which is a hidden tax that a hand full of states including California spent before they even received it by selling bonds. So many people have quit smoking in recent years that several states are at risk of default on these bonds. Third is that the rabid anti smoking zealots would be out of a job if the truth was told about how harmless vaping is compared to smoking. The Royal College of Physicians released a report just a week ago which confirms what us mere mortals have been saying for years. At least 95% less harmful, not a gate way, etc.

Comment Re:Reach of misinformation (Score 1) 54

A particular information is that the "correction" often fails to travel as far as the original misinformation.

Almost always fails to travel as far. And a more recent and still ongoing example than Columbine are the junk studies bashing electronic cigarettes. Every one has been countered or exposed as the junk it is yet they keep coming and have for over five years.

Comment Re:Aim to not be Reddit, Hacker News, Stack Overfl (Score 1) 1839

Problem with allowing editing of posts is getting metamoded. Happened to me with a signature which can be edited. Live goatse link which I moderated as troll, they then changed their sig and I got slapped. Meta moderators should be able to see both the post and signature as they were when the moderation was applied. If the original moderation no longer applies it should be removed with out penalizing whoever made it.

Comment Obligatory missing answer (Score 1) 112

I work in a dust factory... Seriously! Ground calcium carbonate which as you can imagine is quite dusty and gets every where including inside offices and control rooms. While I'm not IT we do have IT personnel which we share with two other facilities. Will be sure and ask them if they read Slashdot next time I see one.

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