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Journal Journal: Update 6

Back on /. after a long absence. This is one of the few sites not blocked by my work's ornerous web filtering.

    In case anyone's curious, I'm an gun toting, pro choice, Barry Goldwater-conservative atheist. Anyone want to talk guns? Right now I'm eying a Steyr AUG replica made in the US. I just wish I could find an AUG that takes AR mags.

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Journal Journal: SVN browser

This is a nice, simple, effective, easy to install solution. Highly recommended. Much less time configuring it than websvnclient from Polarion.

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Journal Journal: Saudi Arabia

"The notion of a single career woman barely exists here. Women cannot even drive. They cannot get an education, travel or check into a hotel without a male guardian's permission.

Some parents, on the other hand, are modern-minded enough to let their daughters finish their schooling or go out to work. And although Islamic laws permit a man to have four wives at a time, most Muslim men today take one wife, because it has become the cultural norm and polygamy is costly.

    Why are we supporting these fanatics? Why do people brag about Islam and women's rights?

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Journal Journal: Lawrence of Arabia

Wonderful movie.

"so long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.

    What's the point of the Iraqis killing election officials? What is wrong with these people?

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Journal Journal: Foxnews

Why do people bitch so much about FoxNews? Yeah, I agree that the commentators are biased but the reporting is straightforward and generally posted much faster than CNN or the BBC.
    I note Troed is now saying Americans voted for George Bush because they're fat. Anytime you'd like to go for a run or swim, let me know Troed. I will eat humble pie if you beat me.
    Now I am certain... An American stole Troed's girlfriend. There's no other explanation for his drivel.

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Journal Journal: Samba authentication with Blackberry&Avaya IP Office

Here's the problem. I have quite a bit of latitude with my email server but I need to keep my Blackberry server and Avaya IP office running. As far as I know right now, these just authenticate with Active Directory for the Integrated Messaging Exchange Account so it can send voicemails to the user's mailboxes and the Blackberry just forwards mail onto the Blackberry user's Exchange accounts.

SO, why can't an open source mail server authenticate with these apps? Any ideas? I think that I will still have to run a Active Directory box for Blackberry.

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Journal Journal: Chappaquiddick

Looking at the police reports, news articles, web sites, it's pretty obvious that Ted Kennedy directly contributed to that girl's death.

A common saying among gun owners is that "my guns have killed less people than Ted Kennedy and his car." Good one :)

What's funny about that saying is that Ted Kennedy tried to ban all center fire ammunition in the United States. He seems to spend a lot of time worrying about firearms rather than regulating drunk drivers like himself.

Check it out for yourself.

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Journal Journal: Kerry at 2

I don't like Bush or Kerry but there's some pretty vehemenent liberals on here that attack anyone who disagrees them using foul language and insults so might as well give them something to bitch about. Since this is negative about Kerry (though it's true), expect flames.

Kerry is not a leader.

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Journal Journal: Funny pro-terrorist site 3

You have to laugh at this site, especially their talk about destroying M1 Abrams tanks left and right. For those who don't know, the M1 Abrams is hard to kill, especially using the weapons the insurgents have.

If you believe this site, every American helicopter and tank in Iraq have been destroyed and the heroic "freedom fighters" got away cleanly every time.

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Journal Journal: Debate 1

Chris Matthews:
"I think the analogy would be a water pistol against a machine gun. Every once in a while, Edwards would take a squirt at the vice president, and then the vice president would just turn the Howitzer on the guy."

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