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Comment Vizio's former repair partners were scumbags too (Score 1) 25

I used to do work as an independent contractor for this company 'Syntechs' based in florida. They had the repair contract for Vizio nationwide. TL;DR that company folded into bankruptcy and failed to pay us techs collectively $1.6 million dollars for jobs we did on behalf of Vizio. This isn't exactly Vizio's fault since I'm pretty sure Vizio paid Syntechs for our services, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. They took me for about $32,000 worth of jobs my company did for them that they never paid.

Comment Re:Logical thinkers vs Emotional thinkers (Score 1) 339

Frankly I fail to see the issue. We absolutely have the capabilities of providing basic living necessities for ourselves, and even 10 times the current immigrant population in the US. So why should it matter if we have a bunch of immigrants come over and 'leech off the system' so to speak? The people who want to build more for themselves will regardless. I don't see why we need to force people to suffer so that some 1%er can buy an extra jet every couple months.

Comment Re:Logical thinkers vs Emotional thinkers (Score 4, Insightful) 339

Presidential elections tend to be ruled by emotions rather than logic, because people as a whole tend to be ruled by emotions rather than logic. If humans generally resorted to logic when it came to electing our leaders, the world would be a much more sane place.

Comment Re:In a sane job market, (Score 2) 161

Even with open borders and a global economy I think UBI is inevitable; the real question is whether we get there through carefully crafted laws and human compassion, or whether we get there kicking and screaming through half-measures and bureaucratic red tape.

Throughout history there was always a way to use additional labor productively (more farmers more factory workers more whatever), so we based our method of divvying up our resources by how much you contributed. Well with robots and drones, and self driving vehicles, and computers taking over jobs that used to need to be done by humans that system won't work. When there's only 50 jobs for every 100 people who need to make a living, something's going to have to give. We've already decided that we're generally not ok with the idea of our populace starving or being homeless, so we need to implement some sort of welfare system, the question really is what form it will ultimately take.

Comment Re:Sounds like RadioShack (Score 2) 161

This is retail in general, the upper management wants sales on high margin crap, so they spin it like the employees are doing a disservice to their customers when they don't push it. For a responsible consumer extended warranties are the worst offender. Most of the time it's just free money for the seller because the product lasts longer than the warranty anyways, but if it does happen to break down while covered they make you jump through hoops to actually take advantage of the damn thing.

Comment Re:Falling Between the Cracks (Score 1) 1052

Frankly, if you ultimately can't make due on a serious UBI program because you're 'bad with money' there should be some programs to get you to be better with money. Or perhaps a new business model will arise of people offering to 'manage' someone's UBI and in exchange provide them with food and shelter. But when all of that inevitably fails maybe those sorts of people are just the ones who need to be committed and made wards of the state. If you are not capable of surviving on your own when you are literally being given the means to do so, then there is something fundamentally wrong with you, and you should probably be getting mental health treatment. (Darwin would say you should die but I'm not quite that cruel)

Comment Re:Simplification or More Bureaucracy? (Score 1) 1052

I think the point is to scrap all welfare, SNAP included, and frankly even $700 a month is far from a livable wage in most of America. That wouldn't even cover rent on a 1 bedroom apartment in central MA. I can't even imagine trying to stretch that out in Boston or any of the bigger cities. I think $1500 a month (especially if it was untaxed) would be enough to support a modest lifestyle without stressing about meals or shelter. There would be some money left over for a person to save up, or to put towards things like schooling. It wouldn't give you the kind of money you need to take a trip to Paris whenever you feel like it, but it's enough that your basic needs are met, and if an emergency comes up (like sudden medical expenses) you don't need to beg or go into bankruptcy just to cover it.

Comment Re:I'm not entirely happy about this. (Score 4, Insightful) 113

If it weren't for the fact I'd be put on a government watchlist for the rest of my life, I might even suggest that perhaps the issue is more complex than we think.

Like almost everything, the issue IS more complex than we think. Drugs, for profit prisons, whether or not 'hitting your kids' is acceptable. You name a topic and I'm sure I can come up with a half dozen different sides to it. As for the government watch lists, I'm sure we're both on a couple dozen already. There's just the matter of 'is this an issue people care about right now'.

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