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Comment It IS too late (Score 1) 451

You're 30. Get over it. You're never going to have that cool job with that great start-up that goes public for a gazillion dollars. That ship has sailed. Even if you could find that company, convince them you're great, and get hired - the hours will kill you. Have a house? Say good bye because you'd have to move. Hope you don't have a wife and kids - because they don't last long with a startup work schedule. Are you independently wealthy or have a fully funded retirement- because otherwise you'll be screwed in 30 years. Working for startups that fail to launch means the stock options or ESOP plan is worthless. Do that for a few rounds and you'll be asking Slashdot: I'm 40 with nothing what can I do now?

Don't want to work for a startup? Going to try and work with an existing large corporation? Good luck with that. Those soulless bastards will fuck you over to make the next quarter's EBITDA. Look at all of the other posts where people are asking: " I've been in tech for 15 years. Who the hell do I have to fuck to get out?"

You want advice? Keep your 9 month a year jobs with pension and benefits. Use the summers to run a training/consulting business teaching people in local small business that they can use a VLOOKUP in excel instead of hand typing values into Excel 100 rows at a time. Use the extra money to buy a convertible. Go out and bang a 19 year old aspiring actress. Hell, bang two.

Comment They are EXACTLY this fucking stupid! (Score 1) 237

To join the dog pile: I've been here since '97. At one point I had a 5 digit UID but forgot the password. It is unbelievable how bad this is. I though m.slashdot.org on the iPAD was hideous, but this is just foul.

Obviously, they're trying to dump the perl/slashcode backend. Otherwise why are certain features forthcoming? And asking us for what features are they missing? Really, have you looked at the site? There's your spec right there: Old site: User comments listed on a users profile provide a link back to that comment. New site: Just a link back to article. If you want to see your replies, you can scroll down, click load more, until you find your comment.

I guess we now know what happened to all of the idiots that used to make horrid pages on geocities - They became redesign fanboys at Dice.

Comment Re:Don't eat T-Bones (Score 4, Interesting) 274

Absolutely. A random test of a cow supposedly not destined for the food supply gets tested positive. And we are to believe everything else is OK? I think a new guy on the job didn't get the memo and tested the wrong cow. Lets see how quickly they expand the testing. All QC policies I've worked under, allowed for decreased sampling until a defect was found, then a full statistically sample had to be pulled and tested.

Comment Re:Will this stick? (Score 1) 199

Free for Users, charge for companies.

My company just dumped Lotus Notes for Google Apps for domains - 55k users now using Gmail & Docs all for a flat rate per-person per-year which is much cheaper than our annual Lotus costs when you factor in specialized staff, admin, hardware and licensing.

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