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Comment Re:stupid (Score 2) 132

OK, so OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his wife. If he asked for the record to be expunged, does that mean I can't blog about it? Tell jokes about white Broncos online? Does this Slashdot post become illegal?

Can Adnan Sayed wipe out the first season of Serial if his case is reviewed and he's found innocent?

And the statute says that the data can be retained "for historical, statistical and scientific purposes, for public health reasons or to exercise the right to freedom of expression." But that seems entirely too subjective for my tastes. We already have the overzealous copyright vultures shutting down parts of the Internet; now we have this?

It all comes down to how it is enforced.

Comment Re:could you.. (Score 1) 122

If the fixes are small, then it sounds like *identifying* the bugs was the hard work? If so, maybe you could put together a list of all the bugs you fixed, mention where you made the fixes (which functions, etc), and then post that onlinewould that be enough to let someone else make the corrections? If the products are really in high circulation then someone is bound to be interested, maybe even your former competitors.

Comment Re:Why so scared? (Score 1) 669

But that sounds like "Why don't college students find me funny? There must be something wrong with kids today!" People have always complained about "kids today".
I'm willing to bet there is a large audience on college campuses who would love to see John Cleese, and wouldn't give a damn if he's offensive. There may be a subset of people who take offense and make a big stink about it, but so what? If they disrupt the show, make fun of them, kick them out, whatever. If not, just ignore them.

Comment Re:Practically speaking this amounts to guidelines (Score 4, Insightful) 303

It's going to be a problem, because of all the code that's already there. Merely republishing it under MIT will not negate the fact that tons of solutions were already available in the public domain, and cannot be removed from PD no matter what you do. Once PD, always PD.

And what if I add to my submission "//This code is released into the public domain"? Does that invalidate the requirement? Are they going to delete my submission because of it?

Comment They could fix everything (Score 5, Interesting) 77

by allowing user-defined colors in CSS. Not only could they offload the unwanted old names into a single stylesheet (legacycolors.css?), but it would be so much easier to adjust the color scheme of a website by changing a couple of definitions.

But I'm just an amateur; maybe that IS a CSS feature and I've missed it?

Comment Re:There is just one little problem. (Score 1) 145

The difference between the two is that Netflix has a dedicated userbase, who are willing to jump through hoops to get their service; it's the only reason I've installed Silverlight, for example. Youtube, on the other handbasically everyone has watched a Youtube video at one point or another, even if they didn't visit the Youtube site, thanks to embedded videos and such. If I'm a typical user, and Netflix stops working on Firefox, I'm probably going to blame Netflix. If embedded videos stop working in Firefox, I'm much more likely to blame Firefox.

Just a theory, anyway.

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