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Submission + - Universal phone charger approved (bbc.co.uk)

andylim writes: According to the BBC a new mobile phone charger that will work with any handset has been approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations body. The charger has a micro-USB port at the connecting end, using similar technology to digital cameras. It is not compulsory for manufacturers to adopt the new chargers but the ITU says that some have already signed up to it. "We are planning to launch the universal charger internationally during the first half of 2010," Aldo Liguori, spokesperson for Sony Ericsson told the BBC.

Submission + - New Attack Against Multiple Encryption Functions

An anonymous reader writes: Adi Shamir, who is the S in RSA, has presented material that has promised a new form of mathematical attack against a broad range of cryptographic ciphers, including hash functions (such as MD5, SHA-256), stream ciphers (such as RC4), and block ciphers (such as DES, Triple-DES, AES)at the Crypto 2008 conference . The new method of cryptanalysis has been called a "cube attack" and formed part of Shamir's invited presentation at Crypto 2008 — "How to solve it: New Techniques in Algebraic Cryptanalysis". The new attack method isn't necessarily going to work against the exact ciphers listed above, but it presents a new generic attack method that can target basically formed ciphers irrespective of the basic cipher method in use, provided that it can be described in a "low-degree polynomial equation"...What may be the biggest outcome from this research is the range of devices in widespread use that use weaker cryptographic protection, due to power or size limitations, that are now vulnerable to a straight forward mathematical attack.

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