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Comment Re:About Intel's Response to Robotics. Really? (Score 1) 21

In order to do that, I would need a prototype. If I had a prototype, then all I would have to do is demo it in a Mellon field. If I demo'ed it in a Mellon field, then I would get advertising via the various news outlets. I would then have more investors contacting me than all the VC's of FaceBook. Why do I need to share any future funds with Kickstarter? And why would I consider selling a tool I made for myself? I could use my prototype to build prototypes, and with the funds generated harvesting Water Melons pay back the borrowed moneys from certain VC's that lent me that money. Then maybe I can consider other products to harvest, like anything associated with minimum wages. I promise, I won't automate your job of gathering grass for your supervisor.

Comment About Intel's Response to Robotics. Really? (Score 1) 21

When I think Intel, I believe that their robotics introduction should be a little bit more than some chinese knock off of a toy. Try this out for a robotic controller design. 128 motors asynchronously; with position feed back for each. 1024 16-bit input asynchronous sensors. Maybe, just maybe, the H1B's at Intel should learn to start eating red meat. And if this is the best they can come up with, maybe retraining is in order here?

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