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Submission + - Java 7: What's in it for developers (

GMGruman writes: "After five years of a torturous political process and now under the new ownership of Oracle, Java SE 7 is finally out (and its initial bugs patched in the Update 1 release). So what does it actually offer? Paul Krill surveys the new capabilities that matter most for Java developers, from dynamic language support to an improved file system."

Submission + - $25 PC alpha board successfully runs Linux

An anonymous reader writes: Late last month it was reported that the $25 PC had gone into alpha production. That meant the spec of the board had been finalized by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and they wanted hardware to start testing. Now they have an alpha board to play with. That board is significantly larger than the final product will be, but as testament to just how small this thing is even scaled up, the alpha version is about the size of 3 credit cards--the final version will be credit-card sized. The board, complete with its 700MHz ARM11 processor, successfully ran Linux (version

Submission + - Researchers Report Spike in Boot Time Malware (

wiredmikey writes: In its most recent intelligence report, Symantec researchers reported a massive increase in the amount of boot time malware striking users, noting there have already been as many new boot time malware threats detected in the first seven months of 2011 as there were in the previous three years.

Also known as MBR (master boot record) threats, the malware infect an area of the hard disk that makes them one of the first things to be read and executed when a computer is turned on. This enables the threats to effectively dodge many security defenses.

In June, Microsoft warned Windows users about a bootkit Trojan known as Popureb, touching off discussions about whether or not infected users were better off completely re-installing Windows.

Infecting the MBR is not a new technique per se; many of the old boot sector viruses from over a decade ago did something similar, the report notes. The difference is modern MBR malware do so much more than just infecting the MBR. It certainly looks as if MBR malware is making a comeback in 2011.

Submission + - SPAM: Megoldás allergia ellen - Claritine

tothistvan writes: "A Claritine egy második generációs, vény nélkül kapható, nyugtatóhatástól mentes, antihisztamin tartalmú (loratadin) készítmény, mely képes hatékonyan enyhíteni az allergiás tüneteket. A Claritine alkalmazása estén szájszárazság nem jelentkezik, az alkohol hatása sem fokozódik, viszont élvezheti a 24 órás védelmet egész nap."
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Submission + - How an earthquake affects website performance (

MrSeb writes: "Yesterday’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia was notable for three main reasons. First, earthquakes of this magnitude are incredibly rare on the east coast; second, it proved yet again that Twitter moves faster than seismic waves; and finally, one of Amazon’s AWS (EC2/S3) data centers is based in north Virginia, about 60 miles north of the quake’s epicenter. Amazon’s data centers are positively packed with hard drives — thousands of them — and every single one of them is incredibly sensitive to vibrations. Generally, though, the only time a rack of servers moves is during an earthquake — and when this happens, the read/write heads are instantly thrown out of position, and accelerometers then kick in to prevent data loss. As a result, it suddenly becomes very hard to access data on the disk, and with Amazon AWS this means that page load/response times ballooned."

Submission + - EFF asks Cisco to prevent the torture of Du Daobin (

decora writes: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation is appealing to Cisco to use it's influence with the government of China to ensure the saftey of writer Du Daobin. Daobin and others are involved in a US civil lawsuit against Cisco for allegedly aiding and abetting their torture in Chinese prisons. Daobin's lawyers are worried because the Ministry of Public Security has recently been harassing and interrogating him regarding the case and his online writings."

Submission + - More Schools Go to 4 Day Week to Cut Costs 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Time Magazine reports that as schools return to session in South Dakota, more than one-fourth of students in the state will only be in class from Monday through Thursday as budget constraints lead school districts to hack off a day from the school week. Larry Johnke, superintendant of the Irene-Wakonda school district, says the change will save his schools more than $50,000 per year and in order to make up for the missing day, schools will add 30 minutes to each of the other four days and shorten the daily lunch break. “In this financial crisis, we wanted to maintain our core content and vocational program, so we were forced to do this,” says Johnke. Experts say research is scant on the effect of a four-day school week on student performance but many of the 120 districts that have the shortened schedule nationwide say they've seen students who are less tired and more focused, which has helped raise test scores and attendance while others say that not only did they not save a substantial amount of money by being off an extra day, they also saw students struggle because they weren't in class enough and didn't have enough contact with teachers. "Teachers tell me they are much more focused because they've had time to prepare. They don't have kids sleeping in class on Tuesday," says LaKeisha Johnson, a parent in Peach County Georgia, who sends her fourth-grade daughter to the Boys & Girls Club on Mondays. "Everything has taken on a laser-light focus.""

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