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Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 3, Informative) 123

The rust is annoying though... Because they're compressing 4 wavelengths into 3 wavelengths. An image with only the RGB would look nicer. They could store the 4th IR channel as alpha channel...

No matter which way you "look" at something you are either compressing or ignoring some quality of light. The "art" of astrophotography is therefore about how much information you intend to leave out and how much you squeeze into the narrow bands of light we humans can perceive. If you are not happy with the rendering, you might be able to source the uncompressed scientific data -- which will still only ever contain partial-information due to optical, CCD and other limitations -- and render it yourself... Assuming Roskosmos make their equivalent of FITS data available to the public like NASA does.

Comment Re:What a dick. (Score 1) 155

No. He was planning on developing a process whereby 100% of the mass in a 3oz. bottle of distilled water could be converted to energy. Should be roughly enough to blow up a plane, all the surrounding planes, the airport and a good size chunk of surrounding city.

Indeed. About 1.8 megatons of TNT according to e=mc^2... I never get tired of doing that calculation.

The activating mechanism, of course, fits in his underwear.

If by his underwear you mean a colossal Penning trap capable of storing 3oz of antimatter, yes indeed! The brilliance of this evil scientist plot is it will only cost trillions of dollars and take at the very least several decades to fulfill -- so it will easily slip right under the radar.

Comment Re:Index/Evidence (Score 1) 101

Not true in general. For example, a system that yields 1% false negatives and 1% false positives is still 98% reliable, and much better than random guessing.

Granted, but we are talking about this specific article and not "in general". Since mouse movements are sometimes used as an entropy source for RNG seed material (, for example) indicates that the uncertainty could be closer to random chance. Ie <<2-sigma


Submission + - Bill banning employer Facebook snooping introduced in Congress ( 1

suraj.sun writes: The Social Networking Online Protection Act, introduced by Democratic Reps. Eliot Engel (N.Y.) and Jan Schakowsky (Ill.), would prohibit current or potential employers from demanding a username or password to a social networking account. "We must draw the line somewhere and define what is private," Engel said in a statement. "No one would feel comfortable going to a public place and giving out their username and passwords to total strangers. They should not be required to do so at work, at school, or while trying to obtain work or an education. This is a matter of personal privacy and makes sense in our digital world.”

The bill would apply the same prohibitions to colleges, universities, and K-12 schools. Facebook has already threatened legal action against organizations who require employees to reveal their Facebook passwords as policy. While Maryland was the first state to pass legislation, several states have taken up legislation to block the practice as well, following reports of the spread of the practice by the Associated Press and Los Angeles Times.


Submission + - The Maths-formula that lead to the financial crash ( 1

jools33 writes: "This is a fascinating story from the bbc of how a mathematical formula revolutionised the world of finance — which ultimately could have been responsible for its downfall. The Black-Scholes mathematical model, introduced in the 70s, opened up the world of options / futures / derivatives trading in a way that nothing before or since has accomplished, its phenominal success and widespread adoption lead to the discoverer winning a nobel prize in economics and yet it could ultimately have been responsible for the financial crisis of the past few years. Its interesting to ponder how algorithms and formulas that we work on today could fundamentally influence humanity's future."

Submission + - NZ Politician accused of hiding Kimdotcom's donations (

vik writes: "Kim Dotcom well remembers splitting an NZ$50,000 payment into two to help MP John Banks hide the money under the limit for anonymous donations. John Banks claims amnesia, and this is not the first bout of donation-induced memory loss he has suffered from. If convicted, he will lose his seat in NZ's Parliament. But NZ has recently been very flexible in changing its laws to suit big business, so the outcome is far from certain. Meanwhile, negotiations are beginning to free up the legitimate data trapped on Megaupload's site by the authorities."

Comment Re:Change (Score 5, Funny) 607

People are used to high frame rates. Its not like 3D where it actually makes some people feel sick.

As for the GP stating "Every time I see a high fps recording of something the motion looks like it's going to fast.", I don't see that at all. It just looks normal, it doesn't look faster at all. Its just smooth and realistic.

The physical universe has a pretty good framerate -- about 8.3*10^16fps, according to Planck -- and it's in 3D too! I've never heard a sober person complain about either of these two things.

Submission + - NZ Politicians accused of hiding Kimdotcom's donations (

vik writes: "Kimdotcom well remembers splitting an NZ$50,000 payment into two to help MP John Banks hide the money under the limit for anonymous donations. John Banks claims amnesia, and this is not the first bout of donation-induced memory loss he has suffered from. If convicted, he will lose his seat in NZ's Parliament. But NZ has recently been very flexible in changing its laws to suit big business, so the outcome is far from certain."

Comment Re:Yep, delusional. (Score 1) 255

Google makes money by selling your eyes (via advertising) to corporations. Apple makes money by selling things that people want.

Did you even bother to read the summary or even the title of this thread, or do you just come here for the specific purpose of trolling? In-case you missed it...

Steve Jobs' Idea For an Ad-Supported OS


Submission + - Graphene Helps A Robot Creep Like An Inchworm ( 1

LilaG writes: To develop new materials for robotics, scientists have developed graphene-based actuators that convert electricity into motion. In robots, actuators act like muscles, driving the movement of mechanical arms and fins. Most actuator materials, such as ceramics and conductive polymers, respond slowly, require a lot of power, or provide very little force. To make speedy, strong actuators, Chinese researchers coated graphene paper with the polymer polydiacetylene. Graphene provides a highly conductive, flexible backing for the fragile polymer crystals, which deform in response to electrical current. The actuators can bend 200 times per second and generate more force than most current materials. Using a sheet of the material, the scientists built a simple inchworm robot that arches and relaxes to crawl forward.

Comment Re:No company has ever invented anything (Score 1) 255

by the standard which is routinely applied to Apple on slashdot. All anyone has ever done is combine concepts that already existed.

Google? OMG no, they just made a more polished Alta-Vista, which itself was based on turbogopher, which was based on the index in the back of most books, which were based on cave drawings, blah blah blah.

The difference is fairly obvious: Unlike Apple, Google did not use their search engine patents as competitive weapons. Instead, they chose to make their money the old-fashioned way: By selling things that their customers find useful. Alta-Vista, Excite, Lycos et al. didn't lose because they were sued into oblivion, they lost the old-fashioned way, because their customers chose a better service.

slashdot is so predictably delusional it's really starting to get boring.

I can't make up my mind if this remark is a rather dull attempt at trolling or brilliantly self-satirical.

Comment Re:This is obscenely wrong (Score 2) 500

There. Fixed that for you. In the name of humanity, please refrain from writing science-fiction. Otherwise, you'll get hired by Hollywood, bestowing upon us horrors like "A Sound of Thunder" or "2012".

The top my all time stupidest sci-fi movie has to be Earth's Final Hours (2011), where the Earth's rotation is stopped by a few dozen golf-ball sized meteorites hitting the planet in a mid-western farm field. Luckily for us, there was an abandoned cold-war satellite with a laser beam thingy that was activated at the last minute to restart the Earth's rotation. Phew!

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