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Comment Re:The problem with these meters (Score 1) 147

written down is fine in many situations, I don't care if my wife or her best friend or my brother can find my bank password, as long as Nikolai from Bulgaria can't guess it.

the opposite can be true too, my intranet systems at work are firewalled off from the general internet so nobody cares how well a rainbow table in east asia can work on our passwords, but coworkers or customers seeing our passwords is a serious matter.

Comment Re:Maybe they need Slashdot's system (Score 1) 637

rather than taking negative action, except in cases of violations of the law, they could assign a "hostility" rank to accounts, and you can set your view to only show posts by accounts below a threshold, just as you can browse slashdot comments at different thresholds, except twitter is more realtime so the rankings should be by poster rather than by post.

Cyberattackers Hijack Screens at Two Vietnam Airports, Broadcast Political Messages ( 31

An anonymous reader quotes an article from the Washington Times: Hackers on Friday successfully pulled off cyberattacks against Vietnam's two largest airports and the nation's flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines. The attacks -- attributed to a Chinese hacking group known as 1937CN -- ultimately failed to cause any significant security issues or air traffic control problems, Vice Minister of Transport Nguyen Nhat told local media. Nonetheless, the individuals briefly hijacked flight information screens and sound systems inside Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airports in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, respectively...

Instead of departure and arrival details, the airports' flight screens and speakers broadcast what local media described as anti-Vietnamese and Philippines slogans, in turn prompting authorities to shut down both systems... Vietnam Airlineâ(TM)s website, meanwhile, "was seized control and transferred to a malicious website abroad" and... passenger data pertaining to an undisclosed number of its frequent flyers was published online as well, the airline said in a statement. Local media on Friday said about 100 MB of data concerning roughly 40,000 VMA passengers had been dumped online.

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