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Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

the ME was stabilizing quite well when bush finished his term, after spending 8 years getting shit on for cleaning up the mess Clinton had let fester, then Obummer and SHillery fucked everything up again by ignoring the threat of ISIS and sending weapons to the Syrian rebels without any concern for where those weapons would end up going, or what would happen when syria turned into the inevitable shit-show.

we need a strong Republican to deal with the middle east because democrats are categorically not up to the job, every time they do anything in the ME it's a mess.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 280

unless they are degenerates and just want to rape/torture/eat us for entertainment. less close encounters aliens more Firefly Reavers. They didn't even have to start out that way, take a few thousand beings, set out on a mission for peace, suspended animation systems fail critically and they go stir crazy, after a while food storage and production falters because it was only meant for the awake rotation not for everyone, and so the overtaxed systems start failing in ways that take too long to fix so the food runs low and they end up eating each other for a while before either the population stabilizes or technicians get additional food production jerry-rigged from spare parts. after 90 years of this (ship time) they arrive, nearly totally mad and full of hate for the squirrels they were sent out to greet, and they know they can never go back, because they aren't from a society where that behavior is accepted, they would all be imprisoned or executed, so they take out their frustrations on us earthlings.

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