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Submission + - Hollywood films reimaged into 8bit video games (bbc.com) 1

Lead Butthead writes: A team which recreates popular movies as 8-bit video games is attracting millions of views on YouTube.

David Dutton from California makes the "old school" arcade-style films for film collective Cinefix.

His four minute version of 2001 Japanese anime movie Spirited Away has attracted nearly 1m views since it was uploaded last month.

Other films to get an "old school" makeover include Titanic, The Avengers and Frozen.

Submission + - Segway boss died in an act of courtesy (bbc.co.uk)

Lead Butthead writes: BBC reports Segway boss Jimi Heselden died after falling off a cliff while backing up on his segway to make way for a dog walker as an act of courtesy. Once again proving that no good deed goes unpunished...

Submission + - Cat Ears for Humans (bbc.co.uk)

Lead Butthead writes: If you think anime characters with cat ears reflecting their mood is cute, there's good news; Neurowear has announced a product called Necomimi (Nekomimi) that is as its name stated, a pair of cat ears. Its built in brainwave sensor picks up on the mood of the wearer and generates a matching "expression." I am betting the follow up product is a wifi enabled cat tail...

Submission + - HP region codes ink cartridges (theinquirer.net)

Lead Butthead writes: A woman from Australia found out the hard way that her six months old HP printer is now an over sized expensive paper weight because she decided to move to Malta. Ink cartridge purchased locally at Malta would not work with her printer purchased in Australia. Support staff at HP very helpfully suggested that she look for compatible cartridge at local Best Buy or Walmart; unfortunately neither outfit have location at Malta.

Submission + - Fake intel Core i7 processor hits e-tailer NewEgg (overclockers.com)

Lead Butthead writes: Some end users are reporting having purchased retail package Core i7 920 from NewEgg and being shipped "fake" processors. These are being described as containing a filler block with sticker of intel cooling fan and a piece of stamped aluminum with intel markings as the processor. NewEgg reportedly have looking into the matter, and has since determined 300 out of a batch of 2000 processors acquired from a distributor are "fakes."

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