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Comment Re:This is normal for mobile games (Score 1) 194

The timing of the spike in engagement looks like 1 month after release - so right when all the downloaded it once and never opened it again users started dropping out of the Monthly Active Users count. So just before that, 40% of every user who ever even tried Pokemon Go once was still using it daily. That sounds like pretty good numbers to me! That metric will be a lot more meaningful once all the users who only tried it one day during peak hype are out of it. (even better would be a chart of daily active users as a percent of users who used the app two days in the past month)

Comment Re:Drones (Score 1) 84

The standard accelerometers in smartphones are not accurate enough for inertial navigation. You get a very high rate of drift. My guess would be the innovative part of this that isn't clearly explained in the article is just that they got better accuracy than previously achieved in a chip sized unit.

Comment Re:Manufacturing does NOT fuel jobs (Score 1) 427

An economy doesn't "grow" in any sense unless outside wealth is coming in in some form.

Economies are positive sum, not zero sum. They can grow without any outside trade. Your description is incorrect. For example, your description would imply that it is impossible for the World Economy to grow, because there is not outside wealth coming in from aliens.

Here is a nice sum of positive, zero, and negative sum in the context of economics. http://www.conceptualmath.org/philo/econ_sum.html

Here is a more detailed example of positive-sum trade between 2 parties (Crusoe and Friday) on a desert island. http://ingrimayne.com/econ/International/Comparative.html

Comment Re:6x 22"? What about one large TV? (Score 1) 111

One thing to point out with those videos and the review is that the FOV is like a typical monitor.

Mmm ... no, it's not the same. Regular wide screen TV: 16x9. Regular wide screen monitor: 16x9 or16x10

A six monitor (3x2) wide screen setup will be: 48x18 (16x3 and 9x2) or 48x20 (16x3 and 10x2). This is 24x9 or 24x10 which is 50% wider than 16x6 and 16x10 respectively. But thank you for playing.

Comment Re:It's ok people (Score 1) 367

>>>Married women couldn't own property. Slavery was legal.

Why repeat what I've already said? I already started "except for slavery and sexism". Try to be more original.

Oh and you're wrong about the women couldn't own property bit. In virtually all states they could own property if the husband passed away and the widow inherited the land/assets. And in the more-progressive northern states not only did women own property, they were allowed to vote in elections.

>>>Health care was practically nonexistent

So was electricity and cars, but that doesn't have anything to do with government and how much freedom a person had. An american individual in the 1820s had a LOT more freedom than we have today, if only because there was no income tax to take-away your earnings.

Comment Re:Senator Stephen Conroy == Senator Joe McCarthy? (Score 1) 280

Didnt you see that interview from several months back? I think Conroy made the comment "you dont know the things that are out there, you cant trust parents to keep their kids safe" (I cant find the exact link, but it was on a BBC interview). That pretty much sums up whats happening here, government wants to raise your kids for you.

Comment Re:So you think its really that easy? (Score 1) 199

...you granted MySPACE the right to do what it pleases with your data. By deleting your account, aren't you thereby revoking that right from MySPACE?

So prove they are abusing your data.

I get email and especially post-office-kind mail with eerily detailed information about me all the time. I've never tried calling the companies and asking where they data mined it from (I try not to contact them if at all possible), but I don't think it would work. Obviously someone I'm doing business with is giving something away, but I don't think I'll ever be able to track them down.

The task of proving myspace sold your data after you deleted your account would be huge and then you would have to hire a better legal team than theirs to attempt to make your argument, from which you will probably win an apology.

Comment Re:Acid 3 result, 2d performance (Score 1) 473

So once again IE is not standards compliant

Whenever you say that "X is not standards compliant", it's worth mentioning what standards you have in mind. IE8, for example, is standards compliant with respect to HTML 4.01 & CSS 2.0, but not with respect to XHTML 1.x (which are the final standards). It also compliant with CSS 2.1, but is not compliant with CSS 3.x or HTML5, which are all not finalized yet (either in draft or proposed recommendation stage).

Comment Re:H.264 (Score 1) 473

The point is that most people will not need to install the H.264 codec, because all news OSes (OS X, and Windows since Vista) come with it preinstalled. That's a major install base already, and it will grow even larger (as people migrate from XP) by the time this will be a practical issue (i.e. HTML5 YouTube out of beta etc).

This is really only an issue for 1) Desktop Linux users (a tiny minority), and 2) XP users who don't want to migrate (currently significant, but steadily diminishing since Win7 release). At a certain point, these categories become small enough that it is feasible to require them to install whatever codecs are needed, while for everyone else it Just Works.

This is not any different, nor treated differently by the market, from how you need to install Flash manually in most Linux distros today.

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