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Comment Re:Crappy Nvidia driver has multiple issues (Score 4, Informative) 155

This issue is related to automatic fan control not working due to improper registry keys, and so GPU's that run warm (9800 series for instance) can quickly overheat and potentially suffer damage. I'm having no issues with mine, but I set fan profiles manually as I'm using a machine that has a very hot MCH & fb-dimms (2008 Xeon) and don't want the gpu contributing more. However for anyone interested (and using a GT200 or at least G80/G92 on up) here's the fix:

Comment bigger numbers, please (Score 1) 2

Only up to 999? At least add in ranges for:

Approaching countable infinity.
I live in a library, you insensitive clod!

We've got well over 5000 dead-tree-books at the house, and 1000 or so at the cottage also. About half are hardbacks. The number typically goes up by 5-10 per week, and all of them are read by at least one member of the family. The adults don't read much of the kid stuff, and the kids don't yet read adult-level math/physics stuff.

Comment Re:Sounds like a coal industry shill (Score 1) 403

lol... it doesn't deny climate change, what it does do it show where source material came from

also i think you'll find that little things such as the CRU data leak which showed them to be a bunch of number fiddling and lying turds also throw doubt on the human cause of any climate change.

now where you have people fiddling numbers and using dubious sources i think it's not unreasonable to have reasonable doubt.
there also happens to be an ASSLOAD of people making truckloads of money out of ittwinned with a mass of rank hypocrisy

and to top it all and i am going to quote the article you linked to

"We relied rather heavily on grey [not peer-reviewed] literature, including the WWF report," Lal says. "The error, if any, lies with Dr Hasnain's assertion and not with the IPCC authors."

But Hasnain rejects that. He blames the IPCC for misusing a remark he made to a journalist. "The magic number of 2035 has not [been] mentioned in any research papers written by me, as no peer-reviewed journal will accept speculative figures," he told New Scientist.

"It is not proper for IPCC to include references from popular magazines or newspapers," Hasnain adds.

so there's a remark apparently taken out of context however the person who apparently made the comment cant distance himself enough from it and damns the IPCC for using it.

however i think it you google a little you will find the net awash with 3660 hits for "IPCC student dissertation climbing magazine"

the fact this guy ALSO distances himself and damns the report are just more bullets for my gun as it were my friend

Comment Re:the alternatives are 10x cheaper (Score 1) 494

"Where's the evidence for that? People manage to ride bikes with panniers loaded with cargo."

Yes, people do. Me, for example. My evidence is not a detailed research study; I'm just relating my opinion, based on my experience. I periodically ride with 50 lbs aboard, so I know what that's like and it is on that basis that I judge how much benefit I'm going to want to get from that and conclude this thing isn't worth it.

"And the idea is to assist, so you can't compare it to the range and efficiency of a Segway or an electric scooter. Why does it need to have the same range of an electric scooter, anyway?"

It doesn't have to. But it costs the same as an electric scooter, so if it doesn't it ought to offer some other compelling advantage over the scooter. I do not perceive that advantage.

"Doesn't that depend upon how a person plans to use it, how far they need to travel?"

Maybe. The appropriateness of any vehicle depends on intended use, desired range and speed, budget, etc. It is my contention that the set of parameters that make this a more desirable option than an electric scooter or bicycle is a a very small set, possibly empty.

What way to use it and distance of travel to you imagine makes this a better choice than the alternatives?

Comment Re:You need only one program to remove trialware (Score 1) 156

... Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003

Microsoft Office home and student 2007 and standard 2003 seem very important to me, as does Nortan Ghost. Hopefully the program lets you select which programs you want to remove.

Then you'll be disappointed to note that those programs aren't actually 'included' with the PC. All of these you've noted are trials. Office limits you to opening the software a fixed number of times. Norton gives you a short window of protection. In all cases, if you find you like it, you are expected to pay full price.

Comment Re:That's just Western prejudice (Score 1) 403

Agreed that this test is seriously flawed although I can't say how. Perhaps being based on studying elderly, one foot in the grave men, whose brains are most likely toasted after years of ... wait for it ... alcohol consumption?
Another flaw may be in that all ginkgo supplement brands are not equal. Some better formulated than others
Another possibility they don't list is that maybe the men were stupid to begin with and that nothing would help them in the first place, not even Rx amphetamines?

I know from personal experience that ginkgo definitely does work as a mental function stimulant.
I began using it when I was in my 30s and taking college night classes after a full day's work .. day job. Long story short, It made maintaining a 4.0 gpa through Algebra, Trig & Calculus possible for me.

Today, I'm in my early 50s and still take it daily. I certainly can tell the difference than days I don't. Actually it takes about a week without it for the fog to set in.

The only documented bad side-effect being reduced hemostasis.
However I find some of the many documented and proven benefits of taking ginkgo daily:
1. My tinnitus is greatly reduced
2. And most importantly for me, I have a genetic anomaly with my heart. Ginkgo's PAF & vasodilation properties are attributable to why I am still healthy and physically active, contrary to the opinions of some quack doctors that recently told me that I am a walking dead man and need to be on proprietary, and very expensive, beta blockers to treat what they diagnosed me as having cardio myopia.

I see this study as just another attack on an effective and useful supplement by the pharmaceutical industry that is trying to make patients out of healthy people and addicting healthy people on toxic excrement.

Ginkgo is a potent inhibitor of PAF function, same thing as the proprietary pharmaceutical Plavix. Who needs Plavix when you can get Ginkgo for a fraction of the cost? Along with the numerous other benefits Ginkgo provides.

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