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Comment Dog stuff (Score 1) 71

What about the neighbors who drop their dog waste in your can, after garbage pickup and before you return home from work, that you have to store that dog waste in your garage until the next week? If it rained there is water in the bottom of the can in which the plastic baggie is swimming (we have robotic-arm collection trucks, and the lid is often open after a collection). Ewww!

That's the need for that Nest device.

Comment Archbishop of Canterbury loses train ticket (Score 1) 75

With the biometrics, we will all be in this situation.

The Archbishop is on a train to visit a local church to preside over a Confirmation service. The conductor walks past the compartment (this is the old-style train in England) and calls out, "Tickets, please!"

As the Archbishop is fumbling for his misplaced ticket, the conductor assures him, "That's quite alright, m'lord. We know who you are."

The Archbishop replies in frustration, "That may be fine for British Rail, but I have no way of knowing which stop is mine!"

Comment Oh, the humanity! (Score 1) 75

Of all the bad outcomes of a printer being hacked, that it "spews" racist printouts (everything racist, I guess, is spewed) until you switch off the printer or fix your security doesn't seem to be the worst thing?

Does your printer keep spewing pages that you find offensive until you make a Bitcoin payment to a racial supremacist group?

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