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Submission + - Gwinnett County,Georgia Police Arrest man for crime of carrying too many devices ( 1

McGruber writes: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper reports ( that 30-year old Daniel Guillermo Tudela was arrested by Gwinett County, Georgia police because he "had the appearance of someone wanting to be destructive" as he walked toward a movie theater.

It turned out that nothing on Daniel Guillermo Tudela’s body was anything dangerous — he was carrying a phone, MP3 player and GPS unit. Despite that, he was charged with having a hoax device, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Gwinnett County, Georgia jail.


Submission + - Google Highlights Censored Search Terms in China ( 1

itwbennett writes: "Responding to complaints from Chinese Googlers that the search engine is 'inconsistent and unreliable,' Google has updated its service to help users steer clear of search queries that will result in page errors. Google will now highlight characters and phrases that are likely to 'break' a user's connection. 'By prompting people to revise their queries, we hope to reduce these disruptions and improve our user experience from mainland China,' the company said in a blog post."

Submission + - Microsoft Patents "Avoid Ghetto" GPS Feature ( 2

redletterdave writes: "Microsoft won a patent for a GPS feature that helps the user avoid bad neighborhoods, weather systems, and dangerous terrain; many are already calling this technology the "avoid ghetto" feature. Created specifically for mobile phones that leverage GPS technology, Microsoft's feature considers weather data, terrain and local crime statistics before offering the user a specific route. According to the patent filing, the GPS feature will retain "pedestrian history from a plurality of pedestrians and addresses of at least one information source that has a history of providing reliable information," and discounts "low quality" sources. Once the device has obtained the information, "an artificial intelligence component makes at least one inference regarding a route based on previous pedestrian behavior." Microsoft also included an "analysis component that determines an importance of the information to the user," so if a user doesn't mind going through an unsafe neighborhood if that route is faster or more direct, the GPS can take that into account. Microsoft's feature works in real-time, so if crime or weather changes, the system can adapt dynamically to provide the user with the safest and most personalized directions at all times."

Submission + - Zynga's IPO a flop (

elbonia writes: Finally listed on NASDAQ Zynga's stock (ZNGA) takes a huge hit falling 10% (now @ $9.05) with analysts claiming a fair price for the stock should be $6-$7.

Submission + - Iran still unable to deal with Stuxnet (

mark72005 writes: Iran's nuclear program is still in chaos despite its leaders' adamant claim that they have contained the computer worm that attacked their facilities, cybersecurity experts in the United States and Europe say.

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Submission + - Japanese space craft misses Venus ( 1

hcs_$reboot writes: "A Japanese space probe on a £190 million mission to orbit Venus has missed the planet completely – but could be more successful when it next passes by in six years' time, scientists said."

While the reason of the failure is not confirmed, it is likely the probe didn't slow down enough when approaching Venus.

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