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Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 225

There was public access to the internet starting in 1989. Gopher was created in 1991. Mosaic released in 1993. So people did have access in the time of gopher and before the web "launched". I was playing muds in 91 at the library, but there were several isp's available at the time growing out of the bbs era.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 225

I'd also disagree with the statement that ordinary people flocked to discover this new thing. At the time of gopher, before the web, ordinary people didn't have any interest in the internet. While some of use were listing to radio over the thing, chatting in chat rooms and using newsgroups, most of the rest of the world was oblivious to the internet. It wasn't until 93 when the web was launched the ordinary people started to join the internet and it became eternal September. I don't remember when AOL started giving away their discs, but that was a major push to get people online as well.

Comment Security (Score 1) 46

It does appear to be a bit more secure than what they had in the past, but since without text service it will lock out some people from using the service. With their password protocols requiring a new password every 6 months and requiring alpha-numeric and special key combinations it virtually guarantees that the password will have to be written down, so I guess by using this text requirement makes a bit of sense compared to just letting anyone in that happens across your password. I'm wondering though how will you be able to change numbers if you get a new phone.

Comment Re:What the fuck?!! (Score 1) 188

Disable ads as a courtesy doesn't work for long. It's a short window until the ads come back. I finally pulled out the adblock tools. Slashdot overstepped the amount of advertising I was willing to put up with. I was one of the first 100 here, this is my third account since I forgot the login for the others. Only people that probably put up with this crap are the new people that don't know better. I certainly don't recommend slashdot to people anymore.

Comment Linux support (Score 3, Informative) 118

To maintain and support an entire OS takes a lot of work. We aren't talking about just development here, but checking to make sure things run properly and making the changes needed to ensure stuff is supporter. The point I would start looking at rolling your own distribution and supporting it is the day you decide to start selling your distribution.

For internal use, sure you might have to have a team to do internal work to modify certain sections in order to make the OS work for you, but they are relatively minor compared to ensuring an entire distribution works as needed. Let another company do the heavy lifting and just have your company modify it and submit changes back through the system as desired. Feedback works as well.

To run an entire distribution and all the subsystems takes billions, look at IBM donating to Linux as a whole they give value back to the community rather than trying to extend and embrace for their own purposes. Redhat does the same and they do distribution and sales. Other companies are the same. I guess you can make the decision on your own but personally I suppose the time to switch is when you have support fees in excess of what it would cost to maintain an entire distribution. I'd assume someone around a thousand people focused on the project would be about right. A thousand people's salaries would buy a lot of support. A better idea might be to hire developers for the subsections of the OS that you need and have them work with the community.

Comment Re:Steam Big Picture (Score 1) 720

Yes and from what I remember of the steam box that is one of the features. You are supposed to be able to have your massive gaming machine in one part of the house but be able to play on any television throughout the house. The big machine handles the heavy lifting and transmits the data to wherever you want to play at. Since this is the designed function there isn't even an issue of plugging and unplugging wires etc to wherever you are at.

I haven't read the literature in a while, but that was my understanding of how it was supposed to work. Granted that is pre-release information before they got the specs set for the steambox and the functionality may have been removed.

Comment Re:Other fugitives (Score 1) 173

In my opinion we need to start holding politicians accountable for their actions. Currently it seems the legalization of bribes and free speech of corporations while the rest of the country has their right to speak publicly only in free speech zones and the removal of their assets without any proof of wrongdoing just doesn't sit well with me.

Comment Re:Oh good (Score 1) 907

Yep, easy peasy. Just let your credit score go to hell, then move out and live on the streets since most places require a credit check before they'll let you rent. We've already eliminated owning your own home since you can't get a mortgage, so I guess you're living in a one bedroom efficiency hotel for 300 a week.

Sounds like a good way to get yourself fixed up.

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