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Comment Re:F*** (Score 1) 320

I suspect thirdparty firmware for routers, like Tomato/DDWrt/OpenWRT might be the first to introduce a feature like that.. I'd love to have that feature on Tomato as thats what I'm running on my Asus router.. Though I don't run Windows on any of my systems here, I do have family members/friends of family members who often bring Windows systems in the house and use the guest wifi I have configured on the router, which just connects to the internet, nothing else..

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 320

I've got 4 friends who have Windows 10 systems they got around Christmas last year. Every damn one of them is begging me to find the time to upgrade them to Linux. 2 of the 4 had older systems I'd upgraded to Linux and they want to have their new shiny i7 system cleaned of the malware that is Windows 10, and the other 2 are referrals from some other friends who heard I do Linux "upgrades"...

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 320

Now I just go and update Ubuntu every 6 months ;)

Why in the WORLD don't you put these end-users on an Ubuntu LTS? You must LOVE the extra work upgrading Ubuntu every six months rather than
every 5 YEARS....... I've put some elderly relatives/friends on Ubuntu, and I'd NEVER in my worst nightmare use anything but an LTS. Several of these
folks were originally put on 10.04 then upgraded to 12.04, and now they're on 14.04 EasyPeasy, only have to worry about it once every 4 or so years..

Comment The abuse continues from Redmond... (Score 1) 320

Every few days I read yet another story about the abuse MS keeps heaping on the poor souls who, for whatever reason, still use Windows 10.. Part of me feels sorry for those who either *must* use Windows, for whatEVER reason, or those who just aren't aware of there being viable alternatives to Windows.. And part of my laughs my damn ass off at all the abuse that MS inflicts on their victims. I supported/used Windows for 20 years as a user and a sysadmin. During my career I also used Linux quite a bit, having discovered it via Slackware in 1994. After I retired, I decided I was done with anything MS, and moved all of my systems to Linux.. Couldn't be happier..

Comment Re:FireFox is such a shit-show (Score 0) 322

And frequently rendering pages as blank white, not catching Captchas, so I keep Vivaldi nearby when signing up for a new website, where I'd expect to see a captcha... If FF keeps going down the shitter, I may look at just biting the bullet and switching 100% to Vivaldi.. Quite a nice browser...

Comment Re:XP moment: not quite (Score 1) 88

Oh yes.. I've used plain-jane Debian quite a bit on several hosted VMs I run, mainly because the VPS vendor didn't have any non-EOL'ed Ubuntu images.. All they had, in 2015, mind you, were a bunch of EOL'ed (12.10/13.04/13.10) non-LTS versions, which nobody in their right mind would use on an internet-facing host, therefore I used/still use Debian there.. I am unaware that systemd can be removed from the current releases of Debian, which is why I started looking at Devuan (or howEVER you spell it) which is supposed to be Debian_withOUT_systemd.....


Comment Re:XP moment: not quite (Score 3, Insightful) 88

Umm.. As far as I'm concerned, the next LTS, that being 14.04, is just fine... Its the following one, 16.04 that DEFINITELY "went off the rails", that being systemd.. All my systems are staying on 14.04 until close to its EOL, in April 2019, giving me 2 more years to find a non-systemd alternative to Ubuntu.. I'd rather stay with a Debian-derived OS, but its looking like I may be going back to my Linux "roots", that being Slackware, where I started with Linux in 1994..

Comment Re:Comparision with competition (Score 1) 353

During the now-long-past time I tried Windows 10, on a system with Nvidia graphics, the ONLY "Nvidia" graphics driver that gave me any problems was the shitshow one that WU insists upon installing, no matter what the setting that is *supposed* to tell WU to leave system drivers the FUCK ALONE.. With the WU driver installed, the system blew endless BSOD's pointing to that driver.. If I disabled the WU service and installed the correct Nvidia driver from the Nvidia website, all was good in Nvidia-land... Of course, its not a good idea to run Windows without updates, but from what I've seen of Windows 10, its either get malware from Microsoft with updates turned on or malware from other badguys with updates turned off.. I don't worry anymore about this as I'm back on Linux, and laughing my ass off at the abuse MS heaps on those who still use Windows...

Comment Re:Where is the User choice in all of this (Score 1) 203

Also, there's the privacy issues with Win10 (Microsoft calls their key-loggers and spyware "telemetry") that all governments should be wary of.

I'd change the last part of that sentence from "that all governments should be wary of" to "that all people/businesses should be wary of"... I'd bet all of this
"telemetry" crap is *not* just desired by MS but was requested by the government.. After all the NSA needs *something* to fill that giant Utah datacenter they spent so many billions on....

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