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Comment Ummm.. (Score 5, Insightful) 166

Unless you can get Windows 10 Enterprise, your business is Microsoft's business.. Even if you "castrate" Home and Pro, they still blab your business to Microsoft. And even if you *could* completely disable the spyware aspects of 10, how do you know that MS won't come along and turn it all back on via one of its updates? If you trust MS at all, you have your head in the sand.. The only way to win with Windows 10 is to NOT PLAY.... Let the MS apologists mod me down... It HAD to be said..

Comment Re:Repeatedly shown they can't be trusted (Score 1) 181

The reason for that I believe is that average "joe-blow" has ZERO idea of what a privacy TURD Windows 10 is.. All he sees is the -arguably- pretty UI and thats all he cares about.. Of course, when an update shits the bed, and he can't use his computer for hours/days, then THAT pisses him off. Then he calls me (or somebody like me) to come fix it.. Any time a media outlet tries to inform "joe-sixpack" about what a turd Windows 10 is, the MS trolls come out of the woodwork and pooh-pooh the issue..

Face it, its pretty much only us "Techies" who are aware of the shit nature of Windows 10...

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 181

Sorry to comment on my comment...

I decided to see for myself if by taking a NON-default install of 10 would stop or at LEAST reduce the outbound traffic to the -listed in many places- MS sites.. I took a neighbors default installed laptop of 10Pro and a NON-default installed laptop of 10Pro (all privacy-switches OFF, local machine account) and loaded a remote packet capture tool on the firewall of my home network, where EVERYthing else on the network was either Android or Linux.. I put each machine individually on the network for 8 hours with the packet capture daemon running, saving all the chatter from each machine. After which I did a compare of the two packet captures.. Both were virtually identical.. That convinces me that there IS no way of shutting the bad stuff off a copy of 10 Pro.. Dunno about home or Enterprise.. I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet Home is the same, however I find it REALLY hard to believe that large corps are going to put up with the incessant "phone-home" crap from Enterprise.. But of course, us unwashed pleebs can't get Enterprise...

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 181

Really.. I discount anybody who says "I tried Linux and it didn't work..." Unless you've got some seriously WEIRD hardware, any of the more popular Linux distros are gonna work great.. Especially those who gripe about Windows problems and then also gripe that Linux doesn't work.. Umm, I think it might be YOU (the complainer) that is the problem vs Linux...

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 181

heh.. I like your comment "My present "Windows experience" consists almost totally of repaiing other people's update damage".. Thats me also.. I supported/used Windows for 20 years as a sysadmin, but when I retired in 2010, I decided I was done with using it on my personal systems. At the time I dualbooted Linux and Win7, and it was a piece of cake, and quite cathartic to fire up gparted and delete the Win7 partition.. Just for drill, I do keep a Win7 virtualbox vm, but I don't recall the last time I fired it up.. From the sound of the updates situation, and MS putting all updates into a big blob, so its impossible to see whats needed AND whats NOT, I guess I may as well just delete the VM also.. Of the friends/neighbors/family that I haven't been able to migrate over Linux, that is my only connection with any MS products any longer.. As far as I'm concerned, MS can FOAD....

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 181

Even IF MS *did* make it opt-in, why in God's name would you trust them to abide by your choices? And sure, MS and their surrogates tell you to turn off, with those cutesy little toggle switches and use a local account, if their datamining bothers you, privacy-wise.. Hmm.. And you *trust* MS to actually turn OFF these things because you didn't take the "recommended"/default install?? Oh boy.. Dunno about you, but I trust MS about as far as I can throw them..

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 181

Dunno WHY I'm replying to an AC, but here goes.. Theres a lot of us (and MORE of us, as MS keeps on with their shitshow) that actually READ that EULA, and in fact, I have a close friend who is an attorney, who I asked to read it and give me his take on it, from a legal point of view, and I can sum up his comments in a VERY short manner... "RUN... RUN AWAY FAST..." Fortuantly, for myself, I gave up any use of MS products when I retired in 2010. Prior to that, I spent 20 years supporting/using MS products. I also used/supported Linux, guess which one I chose when I retired... Go ahead, I dare ya...

Comment Re:My Dell XPS that came with Linux installed... (Score 1) 284

Thats the trouble, an XPS is a Dell consumer-grade system, not one of the corporate models (Precision/Latitude).. I'm annoyed that Dell only ships Linux on consumer-grade systems, NOT Precisions/Latitudes.. Theres a significant difference between corporate models and consumer models, such as the consumer systems have off-shore script "support", shorter warantees and in the case of systems with Winblowz, endless bloatware.. At least the Linux models skip the bloatware... Thankfully...

Comment Dell Precisions or Latitudes.. (Score 1) 284

I run Linux, usually Debian or Ubuntu on Dell Precision or Latitude laptops. My current personal laptop is a Precision M4400, Core2Quad, 8GB ram, 500Gb SSD. I bought it originally with a 320GB hard drive and 4GB of ram for $200 from the Dell Offlease website. Admittedly, the M4400 is getting long in the tooth, but since I'm retired, don't have a lot of spare $$$ laying around to buy something newer. Since I supported/used Dell corporate systems in my last couple of jobs as a sysadmin, I'm kinda particular about them... Bottom line: If you buy a Dell *anywhere* but on a Dell website, you're getting one of the consumer-grade Dell systems, with less warantee, offshore scripted "support", lots of bloatware.. Just not a good quality product like the corporate systems... My .02

Comment Re:The point of Uber/Lyft (Score 1) 131

The one time I've ever used either Lyft or Uber was when my flight home was super late, and I didn't want to bug the wife to come down to the airport to pick me up, so I grabbed a seat in the terminal, installed the Lyft app from GooglePlay, entered my info, and started the app to get a ride home. The app told me my ride would be at the pickup point outside the terminal in four minutes. I walked out to where I *thought* the pickup point was and watched my driver have to go around the parking structure, as I, apparently, was in the wrong place. A kind stranger asked "Uber or Lyft?... The pickup point is over on that side of the parking structure"... By the time I got there, my driver was just pulling up, and I apologized for making her go around once.. Put my bag in the trunk and got in, turns out my driver was this super-cute Russian girl, who come to find out, only moved to Las Vegas about 3 months before, and had the cutest Russian accent. She spoke pretty good English. Gave her a $10 tip and my fare from McCarran airport to home on the east side of Las Vegas, near Nellis AFB was only $24, including the $10 tip.. Did some checking, and found that taking a regular cab for the same distance would have been nearly $50 and NO tip..... I won't be driving for Lyft (or Uber) but if I need to get a quick ride somewhere, should my car break down, Lyft it IS....

Comment Re:Original premise of Uber. (Score 1) 131

Yup.. Since I'm retired, I was thinking about driving part-time for Lyft/Uber.. After discovering that I had to get THREE FUCKING BUSINESS LICENSES, one state,one county and one city, for a total out-of-pocket of close to $500/YEAR!, plus the wear/tear on the car and gas, I'd be making close to $12 WHOLE DOLLARS/HOUR..... FUCK UBER!

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