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Journal Journal: Creation versus Macroevolution, and other meaningless BS...

Because I seem to get attacked every time the "how did we get here?" argument arises, I thought I'd lay all my cards on the table here. There aren't many of them.

Guess which side I'm on? Neither.

Neither side has enough evidence to convince me. Both sides have some very good points that are hard to argue with, and both sides have gaping holes in logic. My thoughts on the subject are as follows.

The universe is already here. The earth and everything on it is already here, and it has a lot of problems. How it got here isn't really an issue because that already happened. I can waste energy trying to figure out something that I can't do anything about, OR I can focus on trying to fix some of the problems in the world and make it a better place for the here and now. The whole "creation versus macroevolution" debate strikes me as being the same as arguing over who spilled the water in the floor. Who cares? The point is, there's now a big puddle there. Let's focus on cleaning it up before somebody slips on it and gets hurt.

So please, stop trying to classify me in your two neat little boxes. I'm not convinced of one or the other and probably never will be. Can we just get past this already? Only the most arrogant of minds can have even a rudimentary understanding of the enormity of this and think they can know for a fact which side is right. Please realize that we'll very likely never know 100% one way or the other. Why are we tearing each other apart about it when we could be putting that energy to creative, constructive use?

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