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Comment Re:So what? (Score 0) 1046

Oh brother...

Detaining someone without evidence against them is just that--an act that deprives them of their natural rights. He was taken into custody (handcuffed, no less!), questioned, and released when his story added up. This whole story got attention because the media led everyone to believe that that never happened. Now the guy is legitimately fearing for his life, all thanks to the liberal media (but wait, I thought conservatives were the ones who incite violence... funny that they are the ones defending a democrat).

Comment Re:Somehow this makes the sale fair? (Score 1) 156

WD makes the best drives I have ever used. I have about 20 of them in a server environment, and as of yet have not needed to use the 5 year warranty on any of them. RE3/4s are fantastic drives. As are VelociRaptors. Yes, they also have some crappier drives (caviar greens, for example), but you get what you pay for.

Comment Cons? (Score 1) 652

I tend to ignore the camera when I back up in a car with one (my mom's, which I've only driven a couple times). Do any of you who have one find yourself relying on it over actually looking over your shoulder? I imagine there are a lot of things happening (especially to the side of your car, like cars driving perpendicular to yours in a parking lot) that wouldn't always get shown, even with a field of view close-ish to 180 degrees.

Comment Re:If you want a baseline (Score 1) 225

Came in here to say this. My current datacenter charges exactly what the poster said ($100/mbps 95th percentile (but slightly cheaper in bulk) or 50 cents per GB, whichever plan I choose). So I did research for some ISPs that I could connect to. I came across Cogent, which is *incredibly* cheap. They quoted me something like $350/month for a 50mbps pipe (unmetered). Unfortunately I'd have to move to a new datacenter to use them, but they do seem to have a fiber presence in a lot of major city datacenters. I have heard reports of some sketchiness with them, but nothing concrete, and mainly from competing ISPs. I bet their uptime and reliability is probably good enough for the poster's needs.

Comment Re:Bubble? (Score 2) 761

I love this "the masses think" remark, because it exposes your elitism as well as lack of touch.
And the rest of your comment demonstrates your own elitism and lack of touch. Seriously, read your own comment. Since you don't use an optical drive, it's archaic? Since you're more productive with OSX, everyone else is as well? (I regularly use both OS X and Windows, by the way, and I'm far more productive on Windows).

Comment Re:Lose the Popcorn (Score 1) 865

If people laughed the same way they ate popcorn (at random intervals from 2 seconds to a minute, for as long as their popcorn/lungs last, and independently of everyone else in the audience, having nothing to do with anything happening on screen), I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it either.
It'd be like someone with a really bad cough... and sitting right behind you (I hope it goes without saying that if you have an uncontrollable cough, you shouldn't be in a movie theater (even if you ignore the disease spreading part of it)).

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