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Journal Journal: They patented *what* now?

Looking stuff up on the Internet, I ran into US patent 6529975. I'm no patent lawyer, but as far as I can tell it's a way of getting around the limited number of registers in the AC97 specification by writing to one register the address of an extended register to access, then reading
United States

Submission + - Mechanical computer designs implemented with nano (

mi writes: "Although the first mechanical computer was, likely invented by an ancient Greek, it was not until Charles Babbage, that serious attempts to create a computing machine were made again.

Babbage's designs never saw a successful implementation due to the sorry state of the technology in his times — the multi-ton computer would've consisted of thousands of cogs, ratchets, &c. The makers back then simply could not supply enough of the hardware, that would match the quality and uniformity requirements.

Today, however, his designs are revisited, because advances in nano-technology may allow for his blue-prints being implemented on the nano-scale resulting in mechanical computers capable of working, where the more fragile silicone can not be used."

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