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Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 1) 858

You didn't understand gamergate. It started with the exposing of corrupt and biased favorable gaming reviews.

The moderation system needs a "score: -1, total bullshit" setting.

Gamergate started when Anita Sarkeesian dumped her boyfriend, who then proceeded to demonstrate to literally the whole world that she was very wise to do so. Doxing, harassment and death threats are never OK and are never justified. It does not matter what the "SJWs" did, and engaging in such behavior only makes the "SJWs'" point for them.

Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 4, Insightful) 263

Exactly. If "pirates" didn't exist, the MAFIAA would have to invent them. They are not making as much money as they think they should, and the reason can't possibly be their own failure to produce a salable product.

When all Internet access is filtered and monitored to a fare-thee-well, you get kicked off for so much as saying "Aaaarrrrr," the possession of uncrippled computing devices is a felony, and the MAFIAA are still complaining about their huge profits being not quite huge enough, then what will they do?

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