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Comment Re:Trust, but verify (Score 1) 388

I think that this is a good point; it could be a nice feature to add to the offers of Apple, Google and Microsoft some of the capabilities of enterprise MDM, providing access redundancy for mobile devices; when this redundant access is used it could display a pop up alert on the devices associated to an account in the same way that when a new device is added to such account, only with the aditional info of wich external account was used to manage the device.

Submission + - #LeyFayad The "world's worst Internet related law" in history comes from Mexico. (gizmodo.com)

Kyusaku Natsume writes: This week the Mexican Senator Omar Fayad from the ruling party PRI proposed a law to the Mexican Senate that would make illegal to update your OS, disparage against politicians, whistleblowing, among many more nonsense. The poorly redacted law was written with the collaboration of the Mexican Federal Police, the same that managed to make the US government cut back its financial support in the Mexican drug war due their constant human rights abuses.
Unsurprisingly, the stated goals of the law are to fight against child pornography, identity theft, online bulling and financial frauds, something that isn't bought by human rights and Internet activists.

Comment Re:Saudi Arabia, etc. (Score 1) 653

You need to read more foreign press. In Mexico is usual to call my metropolitan area, Guadalajara, as the "Mexican Silicon Valley" for all the IT and comms related companies that settled here. We used to have delivered to our Sun shop every year the "Silicon Valley xxxx year" calendar, so clearly, at least for publicity purposes, the term "Silicon Valley" was a metonym for the IT industry. In fact, your post and the one from the great grandparent are the first ones I have seen nitpicking about the term in 22 years.

Comment Re:Folks need to see 'The Day After' (Score 1) 342

People should walk at least once in their lifetime the radius of destruction in Hiroshima up to the Atomic dome to get a real sense of the level of destruction that a small nuclear bomb can do. I sort of did it last summer, from Hiroshima Castle and halfway the path to the Atomic dome I was crying, the carnage that could come in a modern city even with that old small weapon is mindblowing, what kind of barely sane person would do that now?

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