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Submission + - What bad customer service have you gotten?

Ninjaesque One writes: In response to an AC comment in a previous Ask Slashdot story, I must ask you of the heights of the prodigious hilltops of Stupidity, New Hampshire. Does it involve work? Nepotism? Bureaucratic Doom Ninjas?

Surprisingly, this story is not a dupe. Customer service ratings site, no reports of flagrant violations of the rules of company, law, and sometimes attempts at physics.

Submission + - Passwords Not Secure in Firefox

I'm the Slime writes: Passwords saved by Firefox are not safe if you do not create a master password.
If you use Firefox and you want to see for yourself how to view your Passwords in plain text: Open Firefox, Open the Preferences or Options Window, Go to the Security tab, and press the show Passwords buttons.

It shows all your passwords in plain text for anyone to see!!! You can enable a password to protect this but you will have to use the password once per session to unlock all the other passwords being stored. This affects PC and Mac versions of Firefox. Why this matters: If you leave your PC unlocked anyone can see all your passwords. If you brought your PC in for repair the guys working there can see all your passwords. Your password may be your Social Security Number at some sites. Your financial information would available to anyone who wanted it. This is really serious.

Submission + - Windows applications on XBox 360?

joschen writes: "As a developer I have watched on with interest at the latest free(as in beer) Microsoft development environment, XNA express. While thinking about how I could port some of my old directx code to xna, I had a thought about writing something to allow other windows applications to be executed. As I see it there are 2 viable approaches:

(1) A powerpc port of wine, targeting directx for the display.
(2) A complete x86 emulator running windows in a vm.

With the tri-core 3.2Ghz powerpc processors, it should be possible for both options to run at a useable speed. Does anyone have any useful ideas or advice? Both projects are pretty big and may benefit from other existing projects(e.g. Bochs, Xen)."

Submission + - Wii Laptop?

PHPNerd writes: "Now you can take your Wii with you anywhere! Engadget is featuring an article about how someone has created a Wii Laptop. Detailed Instructions on how to build your own are soon to follow. The article lists the laptops specs, has details photos, and even a video of it in action. Car rides and plane trips just got a lot more interesting."

Submission + - Cold fusion still alive

An anonymous reader writes: "January 2007. The New Energy Institute in collaboration with the New Energy Foundation has uploaded an edited version of the 1999 documentary Cold Fusion: Fire from Water to Google Video, where it can be viewed for free. This video was produced and directed by Christopher Toussaint, and written by Eugene Mallove, Jed Rothwell and Christopher Toussaint. It features interviews with many prominent cold fusion researchers."

US Navy also seems to closely follow Cold Fusion developments according to this report issued last November.

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