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Comment Re: CueCat all over again (Score 2) 191

Most home automation devices are paired with a hub, not directly over wifi. The main use of my echo is to turn on/off lights (sometimes to get weather or train times). It was very easy to set up - pretty much simple and just worked. If for some reason the hub died, the light switches will work.

Also, for my lock at least, there's an independent sensor that detects if the door is locked

Comment Re:fact is (Score 1) 300

Ok, set UBI to be above the official poverty line and we've solved that first issue.

People will still need to save, invest, budget, etc. We're not giving them infinite money, just enough for basics.

Presumably most people will still want a job and there are lots of places to interact with other people. Stay at home moms tend to be functional members of society and have been for decades of modern history. Showing up regularly for work is already becoming outdated as the "gig economy" is becoming more prevalent.

Comment Re:fact is (Score 1) 300

I think the problem is you define "poverty" as "not having a 9-5 job". The point of UBI is that no one is in poverty because they have a basic income that brings them out of it. You say "by definition it can never be", but that doesn't really make any sense - by definition is IS enough for that. Once you get the definitions and understand what UBI is you'll see it makes sense.

What's the point in having out dated skills to pass on to your children?

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 537

I just used the word "Influence" and a quick search shows half a million news stories that do as well. The US interfering in other countries' elections is not in question so there's no reason to talk about it.

What Russia did was slowly release information in a way to make things look bad for the Clinton campaign and turn off Clinton voters in order to tip the election. Whether or not you agree that it's a fair argument makes no difference to the intent or effect.

If the House investigations had found any credible wrong doings, they would have published it and taken action. Instead, the worst they could say was "The State Department didn't tell us the truth for a couple days". Imagine if Trump were held to the same standards on the truth by his followers!

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 537

Usually it's the right that brings up the pointless social issues. Maybe you get your news from different sources, but I see plenty of coverage on murders. The average American isn't a Nazi, but the new far right news sources are there to appeal to Nazis. Even Fox humors some of the stories that come out of the crazy-mills like Breitbart

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