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Comment Re:Bandwidth caps are BULLSHIT (Score 1) 224

So, TLDR: Data caps are ridiculous if we are paying for dedicated bandwidth. I don't think most of us are, we just assumed we are. I think we would be shocked at what the price would be for dedicated bandwidth.

Right now, I can order a 300/60 line for ~$52/month, with dedicated bandwidth, no data cap. Actual proper dedicated bandwidth, minimum speed 300/60 guaranteed.

Some places can already get 500Mbit, and 1Gbit support is being rolled out over the next couple of years. Sometimes it's just hella nice living in a small country with relatively compact infrastructure.

Comment Re:You can buy it that way (T3), makes you unhappy (Score 2) 224

Usage limits are completely ridiculous, and are definitely not what people actually want. Everyone buys a usage limit that exceeds their actual usage, "to be on the safe side", and the ISPs are raking in the cash. You really should enter the 21st century and abolish usage limits.

Right now, I'm on DSL line provided to me by my employer, which is nominally 30/3, guaranteed at least 25/2. No ifs or buts, that is the absolute minimum speed my line will run at. If I wanted to pay for a faster connection, I can get a 100/100 from one provider (~$45/month) or 300/60 from another provider (~$52/month). And those are the guaranteed minimum speeds, too. No usage limits on any of them.

Sure, that's not including 24/7 support or 99.999% guaranteed uptime like you'd get on a commercial-grade connection, but the price is drastically lower to reflect that fact.

My point is that usage limits are pointless, there is no limit to the data a connection will transfer, the only limit is the bandwith.

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