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Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 216

Everyone hates the RIAA, but the fact is without the marketing by these entities you would never have found your "favorite" bands.

I found my favorite bands through word of mouth, pirated music from friends at LAN parties, and from reviews on independent websites and mentions of similar bands in the comments of said sites.

And they're real, actual favorite bands, not just flavor-of-the-week "favorite" bands.

Comment Re:Retropie (Score 1) 91

RetroPie a pain in the ass?

You flash the image to a blank SD card, and the first time it boots up, it expands to fill the entire card. Then you plug in a blank USB stick and RetroPie will create the relevant ROM folders. After you populate the USB stick with ROMs and plug it back into the RetroPie, it will copy the ROMs over to the correct folder and make them available in the menu.

On first bootup, it'll go straight to the controller configuration, and it's very easy to go through for additional controllers.

As long as you're connecting to your TV via HDMI and use USB controllers, it's about as self-configuring as you could ask for.

Comment Re:A gift for the stupid and uneducated (Score 1) 188

That's a meta-analysis, of a number of (flawed) other studies. The biggest problem is that the meta-analysis just accepts the findings of those other studies, no matter how flawed they are, and tries to draw a conclusion from that.


If there really was that big of an audible difference as many audiophiles claim, it would have been proven conclusively years ago. But so far, the "best" result they have to show is this deeply flawed meta-analysis, which doesn't really prove anything at all.

Meyer and Moran's study on the audibility of a CD-quality downsampling in the signal chain of hi-res audio is still significantly more relevant, and factual.

Comment Re:A gift for the stupid and uneducated (Score 1) 188

I know not of this Opeth of which you speak, however. Should I check them out? I'm not too much of a Death Metal fan; but their Wikipedia page makes me think they are more akin to Dream Theatre (but maybe a bit less "Proggy"), which I quite enjoy in limited doses... As for metal for metal's sake, I'm more of a Rammstein fan.

Opeth are a prog metal band. They started out heavily influenced by death metal, so they interspersed heavy guitars and growled vocals with acoustic sections and clean singing. The contrast between soft/hard sections was their trademark. I recommend checking it out, even if you're not really into death metal.

They started working on a softer, more prog rock sound on the Damnation album. And their last three albums have been full-on prog rock. A lot of the old fans don't like those albums, but I love them :-)

Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 1) 188

Most of the musicians I know have kinda crappy stereos. All-in-one systems, bluetooth speakers, random cheap 80s plastic junk, you name it. They spend all of their money on instruments and gear instead.

They don't care about the absolute sound quality, they hear the track (even in crap quality) and in their mind, they're playing it themselves, so they relate to it on another level.

Comment Re:See EN50332 (Score 1) 76

The problem is that devices have widely different output levels. Some mobile devices put out less than 1Vrms maximum, but headphone amps can output as high as 3Vrms. If you scale the headphone sensitivity to the mobile device, the headphone amp will play really goddamn loud, but if you scale them to the headphone amp, you will barely be able to hear anything from the mobile device.

What should ideally be brought to market, are headphones with limiters/compressors built in, so the maximum sound level delivered through them is ~85dB. The tech already exists for the professional market for hearing protection that feeds in outside sound through front-mounted mics, and caps the maximum volume level. But it will make consumer headphones more expensive, which is probably why no one is making them.

You could make a device that plugs in between the source and the headphones, with a calibration to the specific source and headphones, which can be set and locked by an adult. But that takes effort, and no one will probably bother to do it right.

Comment Re:Pain: 120db. Damage: 85db (Score 1) 76

I wish I would have known this when I was younger and absolutely blasted music through tiny earbuds. "It doesn't hurt, so it must be OK".

Now I have absolutely no hearing above 16KHz, additional mid-high frequency loss in my left ear (barely able to hear things like hi-hats) and mild tinnitus. And let me tell you, it sucks major ass.

I wear good earplugs to all concerts now, and in general any time I expect to be exposed to even moderately loud sounds.

Comment Re:Classical Records (Score 1) 188

I mostly buy LPs so I can have the albums I grew up with on tape, in their original intended format. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Procol Harum, all of that stuff.

I have some newer albums on LP as well, but I've stopped buying those, since they don't really make much sense. I would much rather have the exact same master as a digital file instead. I do make exceptions for tour singles that are only released on vinyl, autographed albums and a small selection of stoner/doom metal/rock bands, where I think the format just fits the genre.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 188

Quality goes to the LP? The format with severe problems for bass reproduction, limited frequency response, linearity problems, wow+flutter and countless other faults that negatively impact sound quality.

A CD is merely a physical distribution format for 44.1KHz/16-bit digital audio. The physical format is going away, but the same digital audio lives on as FLAC and WAV downloads.

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