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Comment Re:Twitter is pro-Free Speech ? REALLY ?? (Score 1) 465

The right has tolerance

LOL yeah right.

Tell that to the homosexuals, black people, expecting single mothers, anyone suspected of supporting communism in the bad old days, transsexuals, muslims, native Americans and hundreds of other minorities that have been trampled by bigoted laws and witch hunts.

Comment Re:Twitter is pro-Free Speech ? REALLY ?? (Score 1) 465

You're just supporting my point, the US political climate is severely fucked up.

"Socialist" is thrown around as an insult, because you can't even be bothered to understand what it means. Your political debates are dominated by idiotic catchphrases, that are just mindlessly repeated over every single media outlet ad nauseam ("flip-flopper" was particularly bad).

It needs to be cleaned up, in a bad way.

Comment Re:Twitter is pro-Free Speech ? REALLY ?? (Score 1) 465

A lot of dumbasses seem to think that everything bad in the world must be on the opposite side of the spectrum from them. And since most of the idiots are rightwingers, they think everything bad in the world is a leftist plot.

Putting islamic terror on the left is only one example. There are a bunch of people running around seriously claiming that the nazis were socialists and leftists, solely because it was called "national socialism". Because obviously the labels that countries and groups apply to themselves are 100% correct and never wrong. Like for instance the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which as we all know is extremely democratic and serves the people first and foremost, right?

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