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Most Companies Admit Their Data Is At Risk 60

Weblver1 writes "A recent survey of IT professionals published by web security firm Finjan shows that data-theft should be a good reason for concern. Based on answers from 1,387 professionals, 25% acknowledged that their organization has been breached. What's worse, 42% did not know and could not exclude a breach, reflecting on the number of organizations that could potentially be breached without anyone knowing after the fact. Other findings we should be concerned about include 82% of Healthcare IT respondents admitting that medical records are at risk of data-theft, and 68% of all sectors admitting sensitive corporate information can be compromised by cyber-criminals. Finjan's report is available here (PDF, registration required). This survey comes a week after Forrester Research found in their survey that IT security spending is expected to rise (or at least remain the same) — with the current level of data breaches and sensitive data that is not protected well enough, there is a good reason for it.

NYC Opens 911 Hotline To Pictures, Video 60

Anti-Globalism brings news that New York City has set up a system to accept pictures and videos for their 911 and non-emergency hotlines. The files can come from cell phones, computers, and PDAs. Quoting: "Tipsters in New York City can now send photos and video ... to report crimes and quality-of-life issues such as potholes, officials announced Tuesday. Depending on the case, the images may be shared widely with the public, with police officers on patrol, individual detectives or other law enforcement agencies, according to city officials. The images may also be used to help in assessing and responding to emergencies."

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