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Comment Re:Gasoline-like energy density (Score 1) 582

Electric charging stations are not the size of gas stations. They are the size of a parking meter.

More like the size of a parking lot, no? (Assuming we're talking about long-distance travelers with mostly depleted batteries, not commuters or those running errands who can top off at the grocery store while they shop)

Comment Re:Not "linearly" (Score 1) 582

The surface area issue only comes into play with alternating current - it's called the Skin Effect. The higher the frequency, the thinner the area that the current travels on. According to the linked Wikipedia article, the skin effect at 60Hz (North American household power) is 8.5mm deep. I would take this to mean that the entirety of a 17mm think wire would carry current, but an 18mm thick wire would have a small part at the core that wasn't carrying current. The way to get around this is by using Litz wire. Click the link for more fun facts!

Comment Re:Astronomers are so funny (Score 1) 302



Suggesting that the more force you exert on our hypothetical negatively-massed object, the slower it accelerates. Alternately, merely breathing on it should have the affect of sending it flying away from you at something approaching the speed of light.

Or, one could interpret the "-F" term to mean that we have to exert "negative force" on our object in order to accelerate it. Which would suggest that the object responds in the opposite direction to the force applied - pushing on it causes it to accelerate towards the direction that the push came from, and pulling on it causes it to accelerate away from the direction of the pull. Assume that the old Newtonian saw RE equal and opposite reactions applies to our exotic matter, and that we don't lose anything to deforming or heating it. We now have an immovable mass.

This has indeed been fun. Absurd, but fun!

Comment Re:Holy Hell that's large (Score 1) 107

It's hard to be "turbulent" when there is only one molecule in flight, in a vacuum. I believe that the idea here is that although the molecule can only pass through one of the slits in the grating, it behaves as if it passed through all of the slits simultaneously and interfered with itself on the way through, thereby affecting the probability of where it strikes the detector.

IANA physicist, tho.


Submission + - CarrierIQ: Most Phones Ship with Rootkits (xda-developers.com) 1

Kompressor writes: According to a developer on the XDA forums, TrevE, many Android, Nokia, and BlackBerry smartphones have software called "Carrier IQ" that allows your carrier full access into your handset, including keylogging, which apps have been run, URLs that have been loaded in the browser, etc.


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