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Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 2) 243

If I were you, I'd be careful about throwing those numbers around. Someone surely will say that the problem is that gas is too cheap.

After all, fuck the people contributing their time on this planet to the betterment of the economy, right? Let them donate half again of that time to getting there and home again.

Comment My own theory (Score 2) 256

I'm a bit late to the party and please note that this observation is based on a sample size of one, so take that with a spoonful of salt, however:

I've tried a few things to lose weight and I'm now below 90kg. I started at 116kg about 6 or 7 years ago. I first lost 23kg by changing my diet to less carbohydrates and more veggies and salad (where I previously ate none). I was out of a job at that time.

This diet was assisted by a doctor and I was forbidden from doing much sports.

After I got a job and relaxed on my diet regime, I gained another 10kg. I stayed at around 103 kg for quite a bit. Perhaps a year ago, I started chewing my food better and thus ate much less food. I lost weight to the point of weighing about 96kg.

Then came another tough time with the kids and I tried keeping spirits up with carbohydrates, so I remained at 96 for another while.

In last two or three months I went down to 88.8. Again by just eating less.

During the last three years, I had a brutal bout of ulcerative colitis and spent two weeks in the hospital with a blocked colon where I couldn't keep down any food for about ten days.

I weighed about 82 kg when I left the hospital but due to my lack of strength, just about all the weight lost was muscle mass, not fat. I was back on my normal weight a few weeks later.

Now my theory is this: Even though I never wanted to believe it, eating less calories than you actually burn during the day plain does work. There are two caveats though:

Without actually measuring your level of activity and your muscle mass it is a bit hard to define what your daily needs actually are.
And second, and much more important, if you suffer from depression and stress, you are much, much more likely to have to wage a HUGE internal battle with yourself to actually keep to your diet. And when you almost inevitably fail to adhere to your diet on an especially hard day, you're WAY more likely to think yourself a failure and eat too much the next day as well or even give up on the diet altogether.

And since you already failed, in your mind, you'll fall back on the carbohydrates to boost your mental stability again.

I believe, much like with every addiction, that this is primarily a mental issue. Which makes it all the harder to overcome. It's not easy being in a mentally stable state when your overweight contributes to your depression.

Comment Re:Our culture (Score 1) 1368

Lager happens to be a Germanic word. But hey, let's see what Wikipedia has to say...


First findings in mesopotamian culture... then Celts.

Let's see about Celts then: A people that developed between east France and Austria. Which happens to be south Germany and Switzerland nowadays.

I think my point stands.

Comment Re:Our culture (Score 4, Insightful) 1368

The only culture the US has is an amalgamation of the cultures of previous immigrants. Like every culture, basically, because immigration is not a phenomenon of modern times or certain places. It's a force of nature as much as tectonics.

Hell, America basically eats more Pizza than Italy, you write basically in greek letters and you count arabic numbers. Your medicine is based on latin words as is law. The primary religions in your country have their origin in Germany as does your beloved beer, wven though you perverted that ad absurdum.

Preserving culture is like trying to keep the flu virus from mutating...

Comment Re:Hmmm well (Score 2) 2837

You mean white rich males. The rest of us are, at worst, just parrotting the same crap as the rich ones and often getting slapped down for it.

The only thing that makes people get away with things is money.

This whole third wave feminism crap is just another method by which they divide and conquer us.

Comment Tax machine work (Score 1) 426

We have to make machine work taxable. Then we'll have the funds to cross finance a UBI or some other model.

It would also move the tipping point where machine work is more cost effective than human labor. I mean it's pretty unfair as it is. A machine designed for a specific task is usually way faster at the task and more precise than a human and on top of that, a employer usually pays taxes on an employee. Not to mention the taxes the employee himself has to pay on his salary.

Comment Re:Technological advances (Score 1) 159

I would like to revisit the Nokia Communicator 9500 concept. I'd like it to be wider to accommodate a normal screen ratio. Instead of function buttons next to the screen, I want speakers. I want a Lenovo trackpoint on the full backlit keyboard.

Touchscreen is optional.

If we could have a full Linux or Windows OS on there, that would be great.

Screen resolution FullHD maximum (I could live with 720p)! OLED.
On the front the usual screen and phone keyboard we're used to from old phones (and the Communicator itself). This screen epaper to display incoming calls or waiting messages.

Extendable antenna for better reception (if that even helps. I'm not into HF technology so I couldn't say)

SD card slot would be nice, yes.

Basically, I want to be able to set this thing on a table like a laptop and watch youtube videos (thus the stereo speakers next to the screen) and do some Teamviewer remote administration (thus the trackpoint). I want to be able to actually use a terminal, which sucks with on screen keyboards.

And obviously, we'll put as large a battery in there as will fit. I WANT this thing to be as thick as the old communicator was. These thin phones are a PAIN to use for me.

Since this thing has the large screen inside, it should be well protected, too. Some rubber inlays at the corners wouldn't be too bad, though, although I could live without them.

And oh yeah, a strong vibration motor with adjustable vibration settings I could set like the ringtone volume.

Do you see why I don't think my wishes are quite mainstream? :)

I could live with this thing riding in a pouch on my belt again. I could live with the snickering AND I would be willing to pay more than current flagship smartphones cost.

Comment Technological advances (Score 1) 159

Look, I think it's cool to see what can be done with modern technology but it feels to me like it has been possibly a decade since the last time they came out with something that actually made my life easier and was fun to use.

I realise that what I'd love to have in a mobile comunication device is probably not something for mainstream but it does get on my nerves how many compromises I have to make in my daily usage for devices costing closer to 1000$ than 500$.

Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 4, Insightful) 180

Chastity is not the opposite of reproduction.

Contraception is the opposite of reproduction. Small yet important difference.

The problem is simply that religion still tries to shame sexual encounters outside of marriage and even outside of reproduction.

Imagine if the church went and told the believers that they had to be abstinent for five years after conceiving a child and that sharing yourself with someone without conception was actually pleasing god, I bet the religions would be gone in a hundred years tops.

In my opinion that reliance on population growth shows you, right there, that they are based on bullshit. If their holy scriptures made any sense to normally thinking people then they wouldn't rely so much on indoctrination in the families.

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