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Comment Science! chose a side and lost (Score 0, Flamebait) 648

The Science! people chose the other side. They've been really nasty and partisan for more than 10 years now. Then their party lost the election and they're crying that the side they chose to make into enemies is cutting their funding.

Here's a clue for the future:

Stop being partisan jerks and go back to studying things. Then next time you can say "we're not political, we just need funding to learn useful new things". It might take a while to make that message believable, but that's the way it goes. Hope you learned something.

Comment Re:Why would you use batteries? (Score 3, Interesting) 270

You mean it's not enough to say "elevated storage tanks" (and then feel smugly self-superior)? They don't just appear, along with the solar cells to fill them, and start operating magically?

Because I'm guessing a farmer can just make a call and rent a diesel generator, and have it delivered to his farm within 2-3 days. And make another call to setup periodic refueling.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 1) 239

we don't search for a candidate if we're not looking for one.

I've seen it happen though. A manager will decide they want to hire a specific person. But that person has a visa issue. So they go through the motions of pretending to search before they can hire the person they already decided to hire.

When I say we search for a local candidate, we do a legitimate search, bring candidates in for interviews (flying them in if they are from out of area), and then if we don't find someone locally, we'll start interviewing potential H1-B's. If there's a qualified American candidate, there's no reason to take an H1-B over him (or her) -- it's not like we're saving any money with H1-B's -- the highly qualified individuals we hire know the market and won't let us undercut them on salary.

It would be cool if some Americans got the opportunity to improve their positions sometimes. That would mean hiring someone who was only somewhat "qualified" and letting them learn the rest on the job. HR people and recruiters seem to oppose this and use "qualifications" to favor bringing in H1Bs.

I've seen 2 reasons for companies actually preferring H1Bs in my industry:

1. It's a good cultural fit because everyone else is/was an H1B. The Americans are too alien and don't fit in as well.
2. H1Bs can't quit without jeopardizing their residency status. So the company doesn't have to treat them as well as Americans or permanent residents. The company can ask them to work extra long hours or to live in a small apartment in San Jose rather than in the house they could afford to live in anywhere else in the US.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 1) 239

I'm just trying to prove or disprove "companies can't hire an H1B over a local". Because I don't like phony arguments. So far there's not a single example of an H1B losing out to a local because of this requirement.

I'd like to see more "unqualified" applicants get a chance in the US. Many people are capable of doing great work that they can't get hired to do because they don't meet the qualifications.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 3, Insightful) 239

The companies that I have worked for haven't used them that way. But there's no way a local could ever be hired for a position instead of an H1B if they'd already decided to hire the H1B. They decide on the person they want and then go through an exercise of pretending the job is open to locals. After keeping up the pretense for a while, they hire the H1B.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 1) 239

Those companies pick the best applicant regardless of H1B status. It would only matter if it was a tie, because the H1B would be more of a pain to deal with. But in reality, ties don't happen.

This is what makes the argument that "companies are legally required to hire locals first and H1Bs only when there are no locals available" a phony argument. It's just not how it works.

I'm looking for counter-examples. So far, none. Companies hire who they want. Legal requirements just add time and paperwork but don't really change the outcome.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 1) 239

When there are multiple applications for a job, we only interview H1Bs if there is no local US person applying who seem qualified.

Say you interview 2 locals and decide neither one is a good fit. Are you saying you wouldn't go on to interview an H1B candidate after that because you can't hire an H1B for a position that locals have applied for?

I doubt it. But I'm looking for more info to either confirm or refute my doubts.

I don't think companies hire a local who is an 80% fit for a position over an H1B who is an 85% or 90% fit -- unless they can't get the H1B for other reasons. But if I'm wrong about that, I'd like to know.

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