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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 750

I'm tempted to grant you your wish to live under a Trump Presidency, where anyone who dares ask questions is told to shut up...or else! The only thing that is pulling me back from granting your your wish for this hell on earth is that all the rest of us would have to suffer right along with you

Why would it matter? The government seems to do almost the same thing regardless of who gets elected. Not much really changes. The other side always goes nuts and says the world's going to end if the latest Hitler (all Republicans) or Stalin (all Democrats) gets elected. The world never ends though.

Comment Why not? (Score 3, Funny) 750

How else are we going to find out what people in our government are doing? Wait for the press to tell us?

If you want the press to uncover -- instead of helping cover up -- what the government is doing, you should support Trump for President. The press will actually investigate and report on a Trump Administration.

Comment Re:Always the same with Hillary... (Score 5, Insightful) 764

Because the press always lets her. Because anyone else would be gone after one or 2 times, but the Clintons keep getting a pass for scandal after scandal after scandal, always ensuring there will be yet another scandal in the seemingly endless list. Because the Democrats across the country lost so many elections in the past few years that there's no one else in the party with national stature who can mount a successful campaign. Because calling the other side "racist" is seen as an acceptable substitute for acting ethically or having any sort of thoughts on policy.

Comment Re:Result of brexit? (Score 2) 153

Intel has been trying this for many years. They never succeed because Intel is trying to make chips so Intel can sell chips for phones and tablets. Intel is Intel-focused. If they focused on making chips to solve problems for customers, they might be more successful.

Microsoft has the same problem. Windows 8 and Xbox One were very obviously Microsoft-focused products -- customers didn't want tiles or Kinect or HDMI input.

Memo to Intel and Microsoft: don't make stuff you want to sell, make stuff people want to buy.

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