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Comment Re:Still call the 440Hz "A" note? (Score 5, Informative) 171

Can you still call for a proper "A" note in Austria?

Apparently yes: +43 1 21110 1507

A service by the Federal Office for Calibration and Measurement, they also offer time and a 1000 Hz tone. According to their official journal from 2010, page 5, "Verbreitung von Normalsignalen"

Well, at least you get an a' note at 440 Hz. However, Austrian (and German) orchestras use 443 Hz for a', and military and brass music uses 461 Hz. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Tidal, vinyl + flac/mp3, Google Music sync (Score 1) 316

Tidal Hifi for most streaming needs, when I find that I listen a lot to an album I usually buy the vinyl (which these days gets you the flac or mp3 files as well).

Because Tidal is great in may ways but its offline mode SUCKS (it needs at least a slow data connection for DRM verification at all times even if you downloaded the data in advance, and therefore fails on planes and in areas w/o coverage) I also use the free Google Music to sync my mp3 files for emergencies.

Comment Re:Well that solves one problem (Score 1) 179

Except they specifically refer to them as "plug in" electric vehicles. Which shows they have no intention to ditch their engines. They may even create travesties like the plug in prius (w/ 11mi range; not even worth plugging in).

What?`Where would the electric energy come from except from "plugging in". You plug in a Tesla as well.
And ditching IC engines completely will come when an electric drive over a distance of a few hundred kilometers does not require a day of advance planning even for a 80,000 EUR car like the Model S.

Comment Re:madness (Score 1) 185

>> Kurzweil claims that he spends "a few thousand dollars per day" (or roughly a million dollar a year) on diet pills and eating right. Kurzweil takes 100 pills a day (down from 250 a few years ago...

Typical American "Money is the answer to everything" mindset. The obvious proof that it doesn't work is that he still actually looks his age.
It seems to me that the best thing you can do for yourself is eat simply and regularly exercise, avoid drugs, live a happy stress-free life (which includes not worrying about things you can't change, such as aging/death and the insane belief that there's a pill for everything).

This. Chances are I will outlive Kurzweil and have a good laugh.

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