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Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 319

Yeah but they are choosing a far worse projection. That is the issue please don't tell me you're friends with sonic

The Gall-Peters may not be the best choice, and Peters's own campaigning may have been annoying at the time, but it absolutely isn't worse than a Mercator, which is a really, really poor choice.

What about sonic???

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 319

You can preserve angles. Technically this is called a conformal projection, with the Mercator Projection being the best known example, though to depict the poles usually stereographic projection is used. Besides chartering the right course, the advantage is that outlines and shapes (at least locally) looks right.

You can instead opt to preserve area (instead of angles). But it is a mathematical fact that you cannot do both.

Correct, but as in a Mercator the shapes only locally look right, it is a poor choice for a world map when we are interested in political and geographical aspects.

Comment Re:Distortion is fact. (Score 1) 319

If you are teaching children stuff about geography and you are using a single projection, you are either a bad teacher or you have an agenda.
You should use globe for accuracy or multiple projections depending on what you need to be accurate at the time.

This is not about the teaching about projections, but about replacing the one map that hangs on the classroom wall. And from TFA: "Teachers put contrasting maps of the world side by side and let the students study them."

Maybe educate yourself before ranting about imaginary things

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 5, Insightful) 319

All flat maps will be distorted. The PC dweebs don't teach that 'maps are distorted' they replace the maps with new ones distorted to overemphasise other parts.

This is a non-issue raised by an idiot who is very bad at geography.

1. Poll people on the street. Only a tiny minority even among the educated will know about map distortion.

2. All maps will be distorted, so you need to pick the projection that works best for your needs. The Mercator projection is a good choice when you need to sail across the Atlantic. It is however among the worst choices you could make for teaching people about our earth in a geographical or political sense, for which it has been used. Choosing a better suited projection is the most logical thing one can do.

Comment Re:Don't ask for whom the nose blows (Score 3, Informative) 57

When I get a flu, almost always it's my right nostril that gets clogged. Left nostril rarely clogs. What could be the cause? I tend to sleep on my right side.
Oh well, I can live with that. As long as my nose doesn't start whistling.

I had what seems the same condition, also associated with chronic sinusitis due to resulting reduced ventilation of nose and sinuses. Most likely you have a deviated septum and/or an enlarged turbinate (nasal concha) on the clogged side.
The enlarged turbinate usually goes hand in hand with the deviated septum because the turbinate tends to grow into the room provided by the deviation, resulting in poor air passage on this side.

People with this condition tend to sleep ion the side with the enlarged turbinate because this tends to alleviate the breathing problems.

You should see an ENT doctor and discuss an operation for septum deviation and measures to fix the turbinate. This may be combined with FESS (Functional endoscopic sinus surgery) to fix associated problems in the sinuses at the same time. I just had the surgery done 2 weeks ago:
1. Septum deviation fixed
2. Lateralisation of both turbinates (see further down)
3. Somnoplasty of the right turbinate (see further down)
4. Infundibulotomy of the ethmoidal infundibulum, i.e., a size increase of the the opening between nasal cavity and sinus maxillaris, to help with ejection of mucus from the sinus. (In humans, the opening is suboptimally placed on the top of the sinus maxillaris due to upright walk. It also tends to grow closed as a result of chronic sinusitis).

I am super happy with the results. Until a few years ago this surgery (and the subsequently required tamponade for hemostasis) could be quite bad, but with modern endoscopic surgery and modern hemostatic techniques (e.g., Doyle splint or Doyle combo splint) it is not a biggie at all.

Note that turbinate reduction (conchotomy) was overdone in the past, leading to severe issues like Empty Nose Syndrome
DO NOT let anyone do a complete removal (turbinectomy) - no good ENT would do this nowadays, if someone wants to, they are quacks.
The same goes for turbinate sectioning (i.e., cutting off smaller parts of the turbinate). This also is a bloody hack job which does not lead to sustained improvement as the turbinate will regrow over a few years.

Good options are:
1. Lateralization of the inferior (lower) turbinates. The turbinate is separated from the underlying bone, moved laterally, and reattached. This increases the air passage without inflicting any wounds on the turbinate (apart from the minor surgery wounds which heal quickly)
2. If lateralisation is not sufficient because the turbinate is already too large, additional somnoplasty (bipolar radiofrequency ablation) is an option. Lower layers of the turbinate are destroyed by heat, and the subsequent contracting of the scar leads to size decrease.

Comment Re:It's always bugged me. (Score 1) 26

Why does every German word seem to have double the number of letters that it really needs? It has to be terribly inefficient, this from a society that is extremely efficient in most things.

That would be because you have no idea about German. Yes, German sentences tend to be a bit longer than English ones, but you can't measure efficiency this way. Also Federal Criminal Police Office in TFS is longer than Bundeskriminalamt

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