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Comment Does the US government want him? (Score 2, Interesting) 520

Julian Assange pledged to surrender himself to U.S. authorities if Manning was pardoned. Roughly 24 hours have passed since the news broke and it appears that Assange will not hand himself in to the Department of Justice.

Great. Has the US asked for extradition? Is there a warrant for his arrest? I have not seen that.
How has what he has done any different than any other journalistic source?

Comment And the best part is (Score 1) 255

The best part of all those free apps is all the crap-ware which gets installed with them. I swear every time I get a free app for M$ windows, it tries to hi-jack my browser with some POS add-on.
Everytime some friend/relative asks me to help him with his MS windows computer I feel like poking myself in the eye. I feel so dirty.

Comment You are wrong. Elon is right. (Score 5, Insightful) 270

I hope Elon continues to take the press to task for this.
The news media is deplorable for their reporting. Virtually nothing you see in the media has any chance of killing you.
The news media reports on home invasions and shootings, but the chance of you being shot in your home by a stranger is incredibly low.
The news media reports on terrorist attacks, but the probability that you will die in a terrorist attack is less than 1 in a million.
The news media does not report on the 1.2 million people who die in car accidents, nor the tens of millions who die from cancer, nor the tens of millions who die of heart disease.
IF YOU SEE IT ON THE NEWS IT WILL NOT HAPPEN TO YOU. Unfortunately most people do not understand this.

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