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Comment UNFORTUNATELY Everything under the sun at Amazon (Score 2) 141

I still use search engines to look for retailers other than Amazon to buy stuff, because I like to give the little guy some business.
But nowadays it seems like Amazon is ALL there is for many products that I want. Either Amazon is driving many businesses out of business, or it is doing a great job completely dominating search engine results for several different search engines.

Comment Excellent question with no answer! (Score 4, Informative) 277

I have often wondered the answer to this question myself: how can I tell if a machine on my network is compromised?
So I set up a Linux box as my primary router, and monitored all the traffic going through the box, and holy crap, there is a lot of stuff.
Every time you hit a facebook web page, the javascript in there directs your browser to hit literally dozens of other web sites, and this is true of EVERY device in your house: your wife's laptop, your son's smartphone, your dog's water bowl. When you watch a video on Netflix video, the video player hits a dozen different servers at once, and those connections come and go constantly, old ones are closed, new ones opened to different servers throughout the world with all kinds of different names. And, of course a modern computer or smartphone uses all kinds of services: time services, location services, software updates, on and on and on.

It would be very difficult for a person to notice a low level bot doing something amiss. I have all the data, and I don't know how to do it.

Comment $100 for a battery! (Score 1) 75

rather than paying $100 on a spare battery

I have never paid $100 for a phone battery in my life. And you should not either.

Or plug your phone in, wait for it to charge, then remember to swap the batteries (reboot again) and charge again. Oh, you forgot to swap?

You do not have to put your battery in a phone to charge it, just drop it in the charger (that cost $10 on ebay).
You realize that "power bank" is really just a battery, right? A battery that requires an inconvenient cable.

Comment Agreed (Score 1) 30

This is incredibly dumb, because,
1. Any real nerd would know how to grab the video anyway. If it plays on your phone, it is already on your phone and you can save it.
2. Any real nerd doesn't use some crappy website and app that restricts what you can download.

Comment BINGO (Score 2, Interesting) 268

This is probably the reason that Clinton was using her own email server: the government email systems sucked because they were run by incompetent people.
Does this "excuse" Clinton? I don't know. But at least she did what she needed to do to get shit done, which is more than what you can say about many people in government.

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