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Submission + - Do flu vaccines give you flu? (

Kittenman writes: The BBC is covering the ins and outs of Flu vaccines. According to the article, the vaccine is approximately 60% effectice, and it is the World Health Organization (WHO) that decide what strains (to a maximum of 3) are prevalent each year, and recommend that to go into the vaccine. And surprisingly, (or not), the recommendations for each hemisphere of the globe can be different. So are you more likely to get the flu if you fly from London to Sydney after a jab?


Kittenman writes: NZ's Auckland daily is covering (partly as a TV promotion) the story of a Naturopath (in this case, an iridologist) who was consulted by a woman with a 'cyst' on her skull. After 18 months of 'treatments', the woman died of the 'cyst', which was actually a cancer. The woman left behind a letter stating that the naturopath advised against consulting a doctor — and the naturopath in turn states that she did request the woman to see a doctor.

What's amazing is that the naturopath cannot be 'struck off', as she is exempt from such treatment by being in the 'alternative medicine' field.

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