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Submission + - Democrat candidate is an Orc (

Kittenman writes: Maine Republicans have discovered that the Democrat candidate, Colleen Lachowicz, plays an Orc rogue in World of Warcraft. They point out to readers of their website that her liking for back-stabbing and poison may make her 'unfit for office'.

Submission + - Renault get clearance to name their car Zoe (

Kittenman writes: The name of Renault's new all-electric car, to be named the Zoe (from ZE — Zero Emissions and also from the Greek word 'Zoe', meaning Life) was objected to by two families in France, named Renault, with daughters named Zoe. The judgement is in — the ruling is that the name is a common noun, and open to common use. There are appeals from the families, who don't want their daughters to go through a lifetime of mockery. However — other proper names may now be open for adoption. Windows Fred?

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