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Submission + - AZ Maricopa County accuses Apple of being the "smartphone provider of ISIS" (

Kiralan writes: Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery called out Apple on Wednesday, telling the tech giant that their smartphones are no longer welcome in his office. The county's top prosecutor declared a boycott on iPhones because of Apple's refusal to help law enforcement break into the iPhone of a San Bernardino terrorist. "If Apple wants to become the official smartphone provider of ISIS and the Sinola Cartel, they can do so, but there's going to be a consequence," Montgomery said in a new conference Wednesday morning. The boycott means Montgomery will no longer issue an iPhone to new employees. In addition, existing workers will not receive any upgrades or replacements phones.

Submission + - Aaron Bros rental computers spy on you! (

Kiralan writes: Aaron Brothers installs tracking hardware and software on it's rented computers.
PITTSBURGH – A major furniture rental chain has software on its computers that lets it track the keystrokes, screenshots and even webcam images of customers while they use the devices at home, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Submission + - Has Newsrover Vanished?

Kiralan writes: Has anyone heard of NewsRover shutting down? I tried to use it on Sunday, and it was nowhere to be found. I have checked multiple DNS servers, and tried it from both home and work networks. Even their owning company, S&H Computing has gone absent. Not a word Could this be a side-effect of the recent NNTP indexing legal issues?

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