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Linux Business

Submission + - Linux powers world's fastest stock exchange (

CWmike writes: "The Deutsche Borse Group has long used Linux as the basis of high-speed stock exchanges, including the International Securities Exchange, the Eurex and Deutsche Borse's own Xetra cash exchange. Now it's next generation — starting service later this year — is using a new trading infrastructure based on IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging and Linux to make it the fastest stock exchange software on the planet. How fast is it? A Deutsche Borse representative said that their Linux-powered exchange software can "easily execute more than a million trades per second, dwarfing even the mighty NY Stock Exchange." This isn't speed just for the sake of speed. The company rep said there was "a technology 'arms race' among the exchanges who are using computerized algorithms to bundle hundreds of thousands of stocks into single, split-second transactions." all behind this race, though, you're at a competitive disadvantage. A much-publicized glitch in the London Stock Exchange's Windows-based system "shut down trading for a full seven hours, leading to enormous losses for listed companies, investors and the exchange itself," the rep said."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - IE's slide continues; Firefox gains the most (

indian_rediff writes: IE's slide continues. Firefox has gained the most at the expense of IE's recent slide. According to a Computerworld article (which is quoting Net Applications' monthly survey of browsers used), the slide seems to be gaining traction. There is no compelling need to refer anyone to IE. Also, Firefox's lack of issues has pushed its profile in the public's eye.

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