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Comment Re:Space is a dead end (Score 1) 101

I live in the South near the U.S border in a relatively small community. Recently we were told that we are getting fibre. This is good for the 4,000 people who live IN the community but yet less than 0.5mi down the road from where I live the only viable option is Satellite or some other form of P2P connection. Infrastructure could easily push to these areas but yet they chose not to and leave a chunk of people unable to get any sort of decent connection. No DSL, Cable, or fibre. Heck I can get faster speeds on my LTE device than my friend down the road gets on his crappy satellite connection (and I get more Gigs too). There were attempts to lay fibre up north in Canada but teams gave up and contracts expire due to expense, brutal working conditions, and narrow time frames to work in. I can't imagine its easy to push fibre through permafrost or muskeg. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/...

Submission + - New iPhone on track for fall release, 4G LTE and NFC confirmed (bgr.com)

zacharye writes: There are several reports suggesting that Apple has begun final production of its next-generation iPhone already, but we have learned from a trusted source that this isn’t quite true. Apple goes through multiple stages before a product is manufactured, and two of these include the “engineering verification test” stage and the “design verification test” phase. Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone is currently in the EVT3 stage, the third revision of the engineering test stage, and has not yet entered the DVT stage. 4G LTE and NFC are also confirmed to be included in Apple's next iPhone...

Submission + - Inside Newegg's east coast distribution center (extremetech.com)

MrSeb writes: "Did you know that Newegg is the second largest e-tailer in the US, after Amazon? Perhaps building your own computer isn't dead yet! ExtremeTech's Matthew Murray was recently invited to take a tour of the Newegg east coast distribution center, and the facts that he dug up — and the pictures he shot — make for perfect curiosity-sating, Friday afternoon surfing fodder for any American build-it-yourself computer geek."

Comment Zalman (Score 1) 469

Why not get Zalman to create the worlds largest heat sync and place it on top of the volcano -- combined with geothermal-tech you could effectively cool down the core of the volcano and harness some pretty good energies from it too.

Comment Canadian Broadband (Score 3, Informative) 182

For those of you interested in under served markets -- check out the Canadian set of broadband maps (current to 2010) Maps here

Just an FYI currently where I am at (southern Alberta, just outside of Lethbridge). I am maxed out at 3Mbps down on a good day when my DSL isn't bottlenecked from the DSLAM. On average I get about 1.7Mbps with 120ms Ping to most places.

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