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Submission + - This telephone bug stole PINs from inside a bank (scmagazine.com.au)

mask.of.sanity writes: This telephone bug was found attached to a phone line inside one of Australia's biggest banks.
The device, attached by a cleaner, was listening to dial tones as unwitting consumers keyed in PIN numbers at the teller.
It broadcast the tones over a radio frequency to a laptop outside, while a card skimmer recorded credit and debit numbers.

The Military

Submission + - Autonomous Air Force Warplanes Could Fight by 2030 (popularmechanics.com) 1

longacre writes: Swarms of autonomous US Air Force warplanes could be firing at enemies as soon as 2030 without any human intervention. An in-depth examination of a recent US Air Force report titled "Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan, 2009-2047" reveals this and other interesting objectives for the next 37 years of aerowarfare. Previously a taboo subject which no one in leadership would publicly discuss, the report for the first time states the USAF's desire to build "flying robots programmed with 'automatic target engagement' abilities." The report also calls for the continued expansion of the unmanned surveillance fleet, the construction of unmanned fueler tankers to keep the drones flying, and the design of long-range stealthy surveillance bombers. And in a move which could surely save money but will likely anger some brass, the USAF wants to be in charge of all UAV development for every branch of the armed forces, not just its own.

Submission + - Apple Discovers Underage Workers in Factory Audit

adeelarshad82 writes: Apple has issued its 2010 Supplier Responsibility Progress Report, an audit of those third-party companies that provide parts for the company's line of products. The stated purpose of the report is to ensure that "the companies we do business with... provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever Apple products are made." The report discovered 17 "core" violations including three instances in which the factories hired underage workers.

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