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Comment UFS and microSD (Score 1) 126

supports UFS and microSD

“The new UFS cards are not compatible with the current microSD card socket. However, we have developed a socket design that can support both UFS cards and microSD cards. We are working with different partners in the industry on this integration for next-generation devices.”

Comment This has been challenged in US courts.. (Score 1) 247

This story from arstechnica Any use of this article without the NFL’s express written consent is prohibited is a good read, including

Attempts to alter these copyright claims have yet to produce real change, but the sports leagues have been forced to alter some of their behavior relating to copyright. Major League Baseball, for instance, has long claimed that fantasy sports leagues must take out a license in order to use real player names and stats—despite the "fact" that facts aren't copyrightable.

Comment Re:Er (Score 1) 623

I wish we could do this => "Take off all the warning labels, in a few generations the problem will take care of itself" -unknown

we dont need this dude's genes in the gene pool..reproducing other idiots...bonking into semi trailers and eating shampoo. Seriously there is a warning label on shampoo "Do no take internally" or "for external use only" ...ffs

Comment Re:I don't blame them. (Score 1) 163

I dont have a college degree. I have been working full time since the mid '90's. I have no problem getting a tech job (Linux Admin currently, Software Engineer for 10+ years, system engineer for 5 +) and for the record i am 45. Not sure if that means im young enough to hire and have enough experience...or if there really are a lot of US companies hiring US citizens. I have choose to never work on the (North) East coast (i worked in Sunrise FL for awhile) or the west coast. The midwest, southwest dont seem to have a lot of H1B and they still chooose to hire US to manage India when they do farm out some work for them. (apps, windoz stuff I wont touch...so it doesnt bother me)

Comment JOVIAL (Score 1) 331

I didnt see JOVIAL mentioned here yet. My first job out of school required me to program in JOVIAL. It went well...learned ADA, C, C++ after that... Wrote in a few others (took existing code and added functionality or fixed bugs) but not fluent. It feels like once I knew how to program the language didnt really matter. Sure it took a few days to spin up, and maybe a few weeks to get really good at a new language, but there is plenty of online stuff and usually someone else had been around longer then I and didn't mind teaching me a few tricks....in 2010 I switched over to Linux Admin full time. I enjoy it more the programming (after 20 years needed something new) but I could still pick up ADA, JOVIAL, C/C++ and be back in the grove within a few weeks...

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

BTW, a couple of people freaked the f out..screaming and yelling, throwing stuff, etc. A couple of people collapsed and needed medical attention....as you can imagine the work environment was a mess for weeks after. I think around 1600 of the 3500 employees got walked out withing a month. Those who could left on their own within a few months. Hard to focus when the ax is over anybody's/everybodys head...

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

Summer of 2009. A Defense contractor in Sterling Heights, MI. They hired outside security to come in and escort people out (govt contracts got cut/canceled) I saw it first hand. I left on my own a few weeks later. 750 people were walked out the door the first week of "layoffs" without any prior notice. It happens, i lived it.

Comment Re:WHO - 1.5 million died from heart disease in 20 (Score 1) 46

ebola is transmitted when you touch an infected person who is dying or died from it or get their bodily fluid in you. we know this now. what is so unexpected about that? even the people living in the affected areas are changing their behavior. 6k people a year die from texting while driving...its the media driving the ebola hysteria. enough already.

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