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Comment Re:FreeNAS Box (Score 1) 609

I agree FreeNas FTW. ZFS is the way to go. I have two FreeNas setups in my basement that are out of sight and cooled by the basement air. Both of them have 8x1TB drives in RAIDZ and run great. I have them with a c2d, 2gb ram and 1gb nics. They have no trouble pushing the full 1gb on the NIC and the CPU usage just breaks 15%. The upnp streaming server works great with my xbox360, for the other computers I use samaba or ftp.

Comment Re:Spell check? (Score 1) 526

I thought you could get warrants thrown out for just that sort of error?

Think again.

Try spelling unfamiliar corporate names and trademarked brand name products.

Bonus points if you can correctly spell the name of every generic drug in your own medicine cabinet.

The list remains readable.

Warrants were being issued and executed before Webster published his first spelling book and dictionary.

Comment Re:OK ... (Score 1) 202

The video tag in HTML5 can support any codec at multiple resolutions (iPhone vs a PC) at the same time and use flash as a fallback when a browser doesn't support HTML5. See Video for everybody. The only thing standing in the way is transcoding the videos to multiple encoding and webmasters lack of interest/resources.

Comment LED listing is good (Score 1) 1

The LED replacements lights could be good. I have a dimmable LED light array that I use for videos on NewsBlaze and it is amazingly good, battery consumption is low. I hope they last longer than the useless CFLs I have in my house, that cost 5 times more than the incandescents but often expire more quickly.

Comment Re:You Can't Kill What's Required (Score 1) 479

You can force IE6 to use a proxy that tells them they're using the wrong browser.

Make sure they know that if the state would get it's act together, none of that dane brammage would be necessary so they can resent the right people.

Remind them how much they'll resent it if they get a nasty virus from a web advertisement and it makes it look like they committed a firing offense.

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