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Comment Re:bah (Score 1) 421

Even with that said, the overlap is greater than most people want to believe. The reason that no women at all exist in professional football leagues is that it's against FIFA rules

That's disingenuous enough to be considered a lie. That overlap is negligible to non-existent. The only person "wanting" to believe anything here is you. The speed, power and endurance advantages athletic men have in that sport make a huge difference.

Comment Re:Microsoft is good once again (Score 1) 195

it's just a rebranding of the compact framework with some additional supported platforms

When one of the supported platforms is now Linux it's a pretty big deal. The people that are interested in web applications but like to work in a programming language that doesn't suck no longer have to be shoehorned into Ruby or, heaven-forbid, JavaScript.

Comment Re:The point (Score 2) 532

Canadian here, Tonnes of people go to the native reserves to get cigarettes here because they are prohibitively expensive. Now the government gets no tax and the people get unregulated and less safe cigarettes. But hey, the tobacco companies report less sales so the system must be working.

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