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Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 4, Informative) 306

"What is the ground composed of and what does the water table underneath look like?"

That entire area is in the Mississippi Delta Floodplains. Everything from Memphis to the Gulf of Mexico is practically FLOATING on a giant aquifer. All it takes is for New Madrid to go 7.5 or higher to put most of everything from Memphis down to Hattiesburg underwater. A large influx of water on the floodplains further south would probably cause a quicksand effect (and in fact there's tons of that in Louisiana) and simply wash everything away or drag much of it under the ground (as we witnessed with Katrina and New Orleans.)

Comment Re:get off your high horse (Score 1) 230

"If a veteran comes here and start using his military background to support his accusation of cowardice aimed at other users, he's opening the door to questioning his own courage."

Sounds like you think I'm a veteran. I'm not. I'm the grandchild of a very fucking high-level veteran (Lt. Colonel) who fought everything from WWII to Korea and Vietnam. He knows what real humans are composed of. You very obviously do not.

Comment Re:If you enlist, you take orders, PERIOD. (Score 1) 230

"Can you explain how being drafted makes you an expert about courage?"

Well, unlike the assholes who dodged the draft like fucking cowards who didn't want to lose their money and privilege, this person sucked it up and went and kicked some ass and survived.

So they know more about courage than those draft dodgers, and obviously knows more about courage than you since you lack even the most basic critical thinking capability to have come to such a goddamned simple conclusion.

Comment I know Mark is here reading... (Score 0) 374

Mark, we're not hating on what's mainstream. We're hating on your ass forcing the lack of choice upon us, when Linux is about choice. Systemd is shit. Mir is shit. Unity is shit. You took a decent user-friendly Linux OS and loaded it down with BLOAT. Your OS is no more useful than it was back in the 8. versions, yet it is easily eight times larger.

You've gone entirely Microsoft. Bloat, useless code, and a bunch of internal politics via assholes like Poettering simply made me go the fuck away from Ubuntu years ago.

But I bet you're too fucking egotistical to come right up to me and admit that I'm right, aren't you Mark Cowardworth?

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