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Comment Professional lip readers are bunk. (Score 2) 62

Go compare this to a deaf person that reads lips. I know of literally thousands that never miss a single spoken word as long as they're looking at the speaker's mouth.

Source: Camfrog, where there are fucktons of deaf people communicating with those with hearing. We speak after getting their attention with a hand signal, they read our lips and reply with zero issues.

Comment Re:Oakhurst Dairy is correct (Score 1) 331

Quit citing Wikipedia and go actually work in a logistical operation, like I did at Weber.

The overwhelming majority of shipments are distribution as the product has already been paid for - had it not, it would never leave the manufacturing bay doors in the first place.

That is how logistics works today. Your Wikipedia education is sadly ignorant of actual reality.

Comment Re:Lacking Lingual Ability (Score 1) 331

"Distribution occurs when there's a change of hands."

Guess what? Almost every manufacturer (hah!) in the USA use a third party logistics provider. It's immediately distribution as the possession already changed hands from one company to another, because most times, that product made isn't shipping from the manufacturer until IT HAS ALREADY BEEN SOLD.

Source: I used to work for Weber Distribution. Primary customers: STAR Foods, Target stores, Delta Airlines.

Comment Re:Lessons to learn (Score 1) 87

The ONLY paperwork I signed was specifically for the modem and service and billing. Nothing on that paperwork included any legalese. Not a single bit of fine print. I still hold the copy of the service receipt.

So if they block or throttle, it's their ass in court. Nothing of that sort is listed as a term and condition on any piece of paper I signed.

Comment Re:Oakhurst Dairy is correct (Score 1) 331

Reality, it's not about the comma. Shipping and distribution are the exact same thing to anyone who's actually worked a logistical position.

This is a matter of Maine not having the education (along with the truck drivers whom are suing Maine,) this is a matter of idiots not knowing that two different words are one and the exact same thing.

Since 'packing for shipping or distribution' implies ONE activity (packing) meant to go along with another activity (shipping/distribution) the truck drivers are in the right, as there's nothing mentioned about overtime exemptions for actual drivers, the packing for shipping or distribution happens IN THE WAREHOUSE, when the truck drivers aren't working.

Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 4, Informative) 647

Actually, funnily enough, of that $20 trillion in debt, $19 trillion is owed directly to the people of the United States. About 1 Trillion is for China, and a few billion here and there for other countries.

So what we should do is file a lien on the Government, and take every bit of military, CIA, FBI, and DARPA technology, gov't housing for those holding office, all of their pay raises (and accounts since they're paid by our tax money) and revoke their ability to collect taxes until their debt to us is settled.

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