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Comment Overkill (Score 1) 460

The best linux game I know is overkill. Great! Loads of blood, weapons, bullets and brackets...
For best graphics experience, you'll definitely need a black backgrounded terminal.

As you were talking about downtime: make sure to start some bots with your overkill-server.

Btw: Does anyone know a public overkill server, which is still running? Those listed on the project home page all seem to be down :-(

Screenshot (only the eyes of the main character):

o o

[censored due to ./ stating "Filter error: Please use fewer 'junk' characters."]

Comment Re:Everyone here seems to be bashing this guy... (Score 1) 619

I know of a guy just like you, and while I accept his and your position, I disagree with it. If it's boring and monotonous for you, then you're just coding in the wrong field. Creating business applications in .Net and MSSQL is boring, monotonous, annoying and utterly frakkin' irritating to me, too. Thank God I found a gamedev job.

When asked "who are you?", many answer "Im X, and I'm a Software Engineer". I think it's short sighted.

I'm not a software engineer, I'm a developer, and I enjoy it as a hobby. Am I short sighted? No, because I was toying and tinkering with computer software since I was a child, so it pretty much does define me. I enjoy occasional going out with friends for a beer, a cup of coffee, or similar. But I also enjoy coding, and I hate people who look down on me because I do.

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