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Submission + - Sony, Universal, Fox caught pirating TV, movies, m (

Bad_Feeling writes: Ernesto, the piratical kingpin of TorrentFreak, has discovered that US movie and TV studios, including Sony Pictures, Fox Entertainment, and NBC Universal, are eager pirates as well. Sony employees were caught downloading dubstep music and a rip of Conan the Barbarian. Someone at the NBC Universal office in Fort Lauderdale downloaded the entirety of Game of Thrones season one. If the problem of piracy has taken root within the walls of the publishers and producers, suing hapless consumers seems stupendously hypocritical.

Submission + - US Officials Considering Dropping Out Of ACTA (

An anonymous reader writes: Here's a shock. The US might not sign on to ACTA after all. In the last few negotiations, US negotiators caved on a number of key points that they had been pushing for, meaning that the resulting agreement has a number of things the US (and various lobbyists) disagree with. Many of the responses from US lobbying groups was tepid, and a key point is that the current document includes patents, which the US did not want included. So, now there's actually serious pressure on US officials not to sign ACTA from the same groups who originally supported it. After three years of hyping ACTA, would the US really walk away?

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